• MW3 Multiplayer Discussion Thread

    [center:166tet4u][/center:166tet4u] [hr:166tet4u]hr[/hr:166tet4u] [center:166tet4u]MW3 Multiplayer Discussion Thread[/center:166tet4u] [center:166tet4u]Use this thread to discuss Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer.[/ce...
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  • Help I'm stuck on Prestige 7

    Hello everyone..   i Have a problem I'm stuck on prestige 7 I have prestiged and bought another squad member but it just starts ranking up prestige 7 again but I don't want to start all over again!   Plea...
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  • Trouble completing the very first mission in Call of Duty 4 (Windows PC version)

    I just installed Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 (on Windows 8 PC), which seems to be working fine.   However I somehow cannot get past the very first assignment, completing the indoor firing range.  ...
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  • ahahahaha

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  • Call Of Duty Zombies full seperate game!

    I am posting this in an attempt to catch Treyachs eyes and convince them of a Full Call of Duty: Zombies installation with a story and everything. Nothing much has to be changed. It would be a difficult task, but I be...
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  • Youtube

    Hey guy's im xStrikerVisionx I am a new youtuber trying to build up my youtube channel it would help me out alot if you guy's would check me out ! Youtube.com/xStrikerVisionx
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  • Is the Ghost Camo only given if you pre order from Gamestop? (US)

    cause i dont feel like going to Gamestop to get a powerups rewards account
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  • Help Bug MW2

    I have a bug that I have to click several times to get the crosshairs someone knows how to solve?
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  • COD Ghosts, Things i know that no one dosnt!

    Hey boys and girls, What is up, ive got a awesome video that i know no one has uploaded or seen about the next CALLOFDUTY, Ghosts. Check it out, i know youll like it, Thanks...
    created by AshleeEdits

    HELP: I have noticed just lately, probably in the last thre or four days, that when I shoot sometimes with RPG or grande launcher, directly to an oponenet or within very close range, he does not fie which is impossibl...
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  • We need to start doing something REAL ABOUT hackers

    So i have been playing a lot less mw2 (i played actually 4-6 hours a day) and i have started getting bored, the reason? hackers! all i see over there are hackers 5-6 dudes thinking they are awesome, we need to make pr...
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  • Where do I contact support about a problem I've been having in MW2 ?

    I'd appreciate if someone could give me an e-mail or somewhere I could speak to support or someone adminsitrating MW2. I've reinstalled the game and I've been having some problem with joining games. I've looked on the...
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  • WTF!

    I am the Leader of the USMARINE clan.  Our clan was the second Marine clan to join elite. We were unable to use the tag USMC do to thefact it was already chosen. Our clan chose U$MC (special Character $). Was fin...
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  • Black Ops 2 Trip Cap challenge(xbox 360)

    I have recently been trying to get the trip cap challenge with some friends.  We have gotten within a minute multiple times, but there was only 4 of us.  They recently gave up on me; so, I am looking for goo...
    created by kylethekamper

    Hey watsup guys, im looking for good players to do the trip cap challenge for black ops 2.. this challenge is by far the hardest to do on black ops 2. In this challenge you need to capture all 3 domination points for ...
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  • Teamwork My ass.

    I always thought the point of team death match was to work together as a TEAM towards the same objective. It seems as if every player is out for themselves and there own numbers. I am so tired of playing a game based ...
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  • What About SWAT 4 ?????

    With Gamespy dead, and Sierra DEAD too, who is going to support this game?? We are many players still in Swat 4 and the expansion. Activision bought Sierra, I think you have to give us at least an explanation, Or brin...
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  • MW2 Hackers! They're EVERYWHERE!

    Try finding a legit hour of the MW2 experience without finding a hacker. Odds are, you won't! I couldnt' even get into 3 straight PS3 Search and Destroy MW2 lobbies without finding a hacker or someone who has been hac...
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  • Disc Read Error

    Everytime I start a match online it says disc read error or freezes my ps3...How do I fix it?
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  • hackers are lame!

    Well its offical i hate hackers who force stuff on people who are trying to earn stuff.  i fell victim to them on MW1 tryin to earn a silencer for the AK-74u i had 2 kills left for it,  then i joined a hardc...
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