• What About SWAT 4 ?????

    With Gamespy dead, and Sierra DEAD too, who is going to support this game?? We are many players still in Swat 4 and the expansion. Activision bought Sierra, I think you have to give us at least an explanation, Or brin...
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  • MW2 Hackers! They're EVERYWHERE!

    Try finding a legit hour of the MW2 experience without finding a hacker. Odds are, you won't! I couldnt' even get into 3 straight PS3 Search and Destroy MW2 lobbies without finding a hacker or someone who has been hac...
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  • Disc Read Error

    Everytime I start a match online it says disc read error or freezes my ps3...How do I fix it?
    created by IELITE
  • hackers are lame!

    Well its offical i hate hackers who force stuff on people who are trying to earn stuff.  i fell victim to them on MW1 tryin to earn a silencer for the AK-74u i had 2 kills left for it,  then i joined a hardc...
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  • Picked up hackers gun?

    I picked up this gun, as soon as an enemy came in front of me the host left, after the host migration I spammed my buttons to kill him. I did but I got a HUGE amount of xp? wtf just happened?
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  • Clan Recruitment!:  Es8V (Empire State Villeins)

    Hello, My name is Ashley and im a member of the Es8V clan, this clan plays mostly MW3 for xbox is more of New York State/ New York City type of clan. We need ppl to join are clan so as a group we gain repect and spons...
    created by psycopathchick
  • Clan Recruitment!:  Es8V (Empire State Villeins)

    Hello, My name is Ashley and im the co-leader of the clan Es8V, its an ALL new york state, New York city type clan and we need members to join to gain respect and soon sponsored. and we need ppl that are commited to t...
    created by psycopathchick
  • Modern Warfare 2 Account Problem (Greece) (PS3)

    Hi! I have a problem with my account.. I haven't played in 5 days and, a few hours ago, I inserted the mw2 disc in my ps3 just for some online team deathmatch. But when the Infinity Ward logo appeared the game freezed...
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  • call of duty 4 and mw2 hackers

    Is anything being done about these idiots. seriously infinity ward . Was playing cod4 today and was shot from underneath, above and outside the map.Also was playing s+d on bloc and was shot through a building about 3 ...
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  • disable dlc

    Hey anyone know if its possible to get a rid of dlc? i bought dlc 1 for mw2 but i dont want it any more :/ i dont care about the money i just want to be able to play in non map pack lobbies again.
    created by frozenflam3
  • the ripper titel

    hi does anybody know why i don't get the ripper titel? i did the challenge 3 times and i just don't eurn it if you want proof there is a video on my valut, my name is elicrombez   pleas help me
    created by elicrombez
  • Model 1887 un nerf

    Why was the Model 1887 nerfed to begin with? Why was not the noobtube nerfed more heavily? I got killed much more by a noobtuber than by a guy using shotguns, even before the patch. So, for old times sake, why not we ...
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  • Day Plan for Nov 8th

    As with every COD, there's usually been a discussion based around posting what you plan to do on Nov 8th (launchday), waste your time letting us all know!
    created by mbenaa
  • MW3 Marathon

    I tell you what Iw, you have given the campers and greenies what they want, and made this game easier than before to pick up on, and in doing so have lost ALOT of dedicated gamers to your franchise. I have rolled with...
    created by SARGEANT LEE
  • MW2 problems for me on ps3

    i need some help big time i love mw2 and really enjoy playing it.  a couple of months i had been playing black ops and went to go back to mw2 and it wouldn't let me connect to the matching making server or anythi...
    created by Hardstyle_pig
  • Why isn't this forum hype????

    Jeez, the very same topics from last week are still at the top with 1 or 2 new replies... It's dead as hell in here. What gives? I would think this would be the most hype forum on the net for this game!
    created by thablewprnt
  • Reset lv on xbox360 CoD4 MW (HACK)

    Hi! I ask help about the reset of my lv... i was at lv28 and no i'm at lv1 with -999999999ext.... My user on xboxlive is GiangoMM... i'm very very hungry -.- HEEEELLLLLPPPPP ç_ç
    created by GiangoMM
  • Where are PC MW2 Servers?

    Where are the PC MW2 Servers everytime I check it shows 0/0 in the playlist. Anybody else have this problem??
    created by MADD-uB-
  • Real World Gamers: Call of Duty Pt. 1

    What's up CoD players. For the past years, I have been producing quality digital artwork for online viral video creators and real-world clientele alike. Whether it is a short film, visual effects and motion graphics, ...
    created by ClintWRea
  • Call Of Duty 4 Hackers XBOX 360!

    Please do something about all the hackers, patch the game or something its completely ruined and so many people love COD4! You fixed MW2 now fix this! We paid good money and cant even enjoy the game!
    created by enNviouZ