• Enter this code at InfinityWard.com for exclusive access

    Hey people, On the back off my user manual off the game I have a code with the subject title above it. Any help as to where I'm supposed to enter this on the website? Thanks to any help Isn't the game great ...
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  • Lack of Support

    By now it should be clear to almost everyone that the Call of Duty franchise is progressing for the worse, not because of the games themselves, but from changes in the expectations of the audience. I completely unders...
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  • M1911, USP, or M9.

    Which would you choose of the three? (If you would rather use the Deagle or Magnum, just pick one of these below, or don't post just to raise your post count.) USP : The USP (Universale Selbstladepistole or "univer...
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  • mw2 not working on steam

    Hi all can any one give me any advice on how to get mw2 to work on steam .I bought the game on steam it took nine hours to download and when I try to play the game a pop up window tells me that steam needs to be runni...
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  • Nat

    I have a netgear router.  All of a sudden MW2 Multiplayer says strict nat, go to infinityward.com/nat.  My router nat is open.  This only happened today.  I can't get to multiplayer, find game.&nbs...
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  • i need help on 2 special ops on modern warfare 2

    i got every thing done but 2 special ops (over watch and big brother) and im trying to get this 2 achievement, 1 is 1 star on each special ops challenge and the other 69 stars, doing split screen is messy, can some1 h...
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  • Tactical Nuke Epic Fails MW2

    My Class: Primary- UMP45 FMJ Secondary- SPAS-12 FMJ Lethals- Semtex Tacticals- Flash bang Grenade x2 Perk 1- Scavenger Pro Perk 2- Stopping Power Pro Perk 3- Commando Pro Killstreak Rewards: Harrier ...
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  • Splitscreen for Campaign/Spec Ops on PC?

    I really hope some of the Developers monitor these rooms. Anyway here goes.   The Gaming world is changing. PCs and consoles are getting closer and closer together. At some point we'll be able to play multiplaye...
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  • Call of Duty MW2 on Steam

    Guys, i really don't like that CoD MW2 is linked to Steam. Well, what i want to say, i hate how Steam's Bans work. I got banned year or almost two ago and i really want to play it again, and i would never hack again b...
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    Am i the only one that still wants mw2 to be like what it was in 2010? Please, if you feel the same as me don't play the rubbish newer call of dutys,play mw2 and then activision and IF might patch everything and get r...
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    Can someone at infinity ward please get the hackers off MW2. Me and all my friends love playin this game every night but its getting spoiled with all the Hacking idiots who cant play the game so have to cheat, they ar...
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  • Cal of Duty MW2 strict ?

    Best Gamers. Maybe someone can help me. Cal of Duty Modern warefare 2 Pc gaming is now on Strictly? Was always Open. After formatting my Pc and reinstall Cod mw2 State he now on strict.? Ports are on Poortforwarts...
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  • How to undo a hack that made me level 70? Please Help

    I had prestiged one time and was level 32. I have been playing Modern Warfare 2 with my cousin. I was playing by myself today, when I joined a Search and Destroy lobby and killed several people the game soon ended and...
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  • Help needed, online mw2 for ps3

    To say I was new to multi player online games would be an understatement, I am totally green and I have a feeling I might well be in the wrong forum or the wrong part of, if so I apologise. My reason for posting is to...
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  • Can anyone help me finish off some MW2 Spec Ops Achievements?

    I am looking for people who can help me out with getting some of the MW2 Spec Ops Achievements: Charlie On Our Six It Goes to Eleven Operational Asset I'm the Juggernaut... Downed but Not Out Star 69 Professional Spec...
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  • IED - Something To Think About

    I have a friend who is in the Marines who lost his leg in an IED attack while serving in Iraq. We were talking one day and mentioned MW2 and perhaps new things that might be included and the topic of, "What if they...
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  • MW2 Online Sucks!

    Moden Warfare 2 now has the absolute worst online multiplayer matchmaking in existence to say the least. I have been playing it on and off since I got the game in 2009 and I cannot believe how bad it has become. It se...
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  • Barebones Petition

    Sign here if you want IW to add Barebones TDM, or any other barebones variant to there recent game Modern Warfare 2. Barebones.. No killStreaks. No perks. Just the barebones.
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  • kids arent being banned

    i have a friend on 360 live and he is playing MW2 online he is already lvl 30 why isnt he being banned
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  • Shooting down a care package chopper?

    Is this possible, never tried but dont no why it wouldnt i guess? Anyone tried or achieved this?
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