• Matchmaking Issues

    Hello. Have anyone here have issues with matchmaking system?   I have a large problem here. that is the "testing matches" doesn't test any found games. the playlist on mine is always 345 players on TDM and does...
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  • transfert de compt possible ?

    bonjour a toutes et a tous , ma question est simple je voudrai savoir si il est possible d'avoir le même compte du pc a celui de la ps3 je voudrai avoir mon compte du pc sur la play 3 ( call of duty mw2 ) merci ...
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  • Hacker change my level 4 in MW2 to 70.

    So i just bought the game today, i was playing in a lobby and suddenly they change the lobby into a modded lobby. I pressed tab and see that i'm level 70 and i got all the perks. I just want to play this game legit an...
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  • disk read error flood

    It happens in loading in compaign. Then game is shutting down
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  • cod2 master server - please restart it

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  • Hackers

    Hi, I know this wont reach the Devs and I also know that they won't care as the game has released and they made their money. I bought this game thinking I could get back into FPS games to take a break from moba games....
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  • Christmas map

    Any chance of seeing a christmas map this year like they did with cod 4, id like to see afgan i think. Santa slay as ac130 gunship would be funny.
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  • Hey Infinityward! Here's a question

    Why are there no girl characters in multiplayer? I know that it would conflict with the whole "character look depends on primary weapon" meaning to make girl characters you would have to make 25 new characters to f...
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  • Modern Warfare 2 Modding

    So I updated my friends Ps3 and signed in to play MWF2. I joined a game that had already started and the first thing I see is a bunch of players jumping in the air almost as if they were playing halo with low gravity....
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  • these forums

    these forums about as slow as a MP game in MW2
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  • This game is a joke with all the hacking

    don't waste your money on pc games
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  • I need help

    I had a CODMW2 before one month, and when i come to the end of the map NO RUSSIAN, or map after it, COD stops and this come up to my screen http://www.dodaj.rs/f/1X/3L/gcN98RS/codmw2.png... I deleted it, i get new tor...
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  • Two fairly important suggestions

    Only two things come to mind that bother me about this game currently - Joining matches already in progress. Why, some people care about a win/loss ratio, Some players don't like joining matches where players have ...
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  • New To Steam, Looking For New People To Play With.

    I came over from years on console to PC on Monday, i have Mw2 and just need some new people to chill with. Hit me up if you want, my ID is Mrpackerfan95.
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  • When i try to change something or want to start a game my launcher freezes and he repeat the sound he was playing at that moment.

    Well i bought that game on steam and the problem is described in the topic. It worked for a month or so but when i wanted to play it again after a pause(4-5 days) the games freezes when i try to start a match or when ...
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  • Map Rotation.

    Hi Guys.. Is it possible that you in a future patch can make it possible for people choosing which map to play? Everytime me and my clan are playing, it´s always the same friggin maps 3-4 .. And tha...
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      MY  NAt  IS  OPEn ALWAYS HI!!!! I would like to know in MW2 multiplayer works or not.? the last time I can not connect to any game. It would be nice if were  servers as well as in the MW3....
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  • NAT OPEN - CAN'T JOIN! [Help]

    Hello all, My English isn't very good so I hope you guys understand. Since yesterday my NAT type is OPEN. Before that is was Strict. Since it stands on "Open" I can't join any i searched on the internet but ...
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  • Nat opening

    Can anybody tell me how to open my NAT , I tried to open it but i can't tell me please.
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  • IW - Ban the cheaters ASAP

    Maybe you haven't noticed but your loyal customers are getting screwed by cheaters in your game and it is ruining our experience so I'm hoping you will notice what we have to say... Ban the cheaters now! Ban the c...
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