• Dose anyone still play COD MW2 on PS3

    I just got this game today I really wanted to go back to playing COD MW2 but I cant find any matchs for Hardcore TeamDeath Match on PS3 just keeps trying to find people but nobody is playing Hardcore and will really l...
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  • helping infinityward

    infinityward needs to maybe bring by some mw2 maps like rust or favela because mw2 had the best maps in cod history. bring back the intervention sniper rifle, the scar l, m4a1, acr, make smaller maps so that you can h...
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  • MW2 Stat Rollback

         Hello. I used to play MW2 a lot. I played it, but I wasn't very good at it. In game, I took a big liking to the Scar-H. I decided that I would master it and get gold on it. About a couple week...
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  • Where can I find the CFG/AutoAim/UAV download link?

    I really want to join the Modern Warfare 2 hacking world. I'm curious about what I can do about it.
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  • Vietnam game?

    I've never seen a Vietnam video game, wonder why?  i love Vietnam movies and history.
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    i just got hacked about 30mins ago! I joined a game and right away the screen was flashing bright colors with a big pot leaf in the middle. this lasted about 10sec then i was sent to the lobby room. at the bottom of t...
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    Activision has Fired Infinity Ward so no more infinity ward.  EX infinity ward has moved to EA and is now called Respawn Entertainment just so all you guys know.
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  • looking for hmong people

    whoever comes to this site that is hmong add me PSN account: Ndless i already got a couple i dont care if you good or bad we gotta make a hmong movement
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  • This Game Sucks !!!

    This game is a pile of bull****.. Sorry for complaining but Infinity Ward has messed this game up completely. They brought out these trailers which made the game look fantastic and a huge improvement from COD 4. All i...
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  • Looking for players from uk

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forums so here we go.  I am looking to get a group of people together who play of a night time say between 9-12pm.  I am 30 and "normal" I dont play all the time as I have kid...
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  • MW3 Pack 1 Unable To Find Games

    Hi, I recently upgraded to Pack 1 from Steam and when I search for games it keeps saying "No Games Found" and the only way I can play is by disabling DLC and on the old maps.   Does anyone know how to fix this ...
    created by snipercymraeg

    All this info comes right from 402 on the PS blog. He was on there for a few hours answering questions yesterday. Hope this helps. BUMP it if you like it so it can stay on top and help others. Please dont post a new t...
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  • Nederlandse clan

    ik ben al lang op zoek naar een clan maar ik kan geen goede vinden, en ik weet niet hoe je een clan kan joinen. Als iemand mij dit kan uitleggen zou ik dat heel fijn vinden. Als iemand mij een paar/ éÃ...
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  • Recruiting New ACTIVE Clan Members

      I am looking for 5-6 people to recruit, we can discuss a name, positions, and other stuff. I just need people to start this clan that are active. I usually am active after I get home from school. If you wou...
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  • are there any girls that play this game?

    just wondering.
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  • PSN: Post your PSN name here

    Well i guess since the old topics didnt make it over, we should start some over again. Post ur PSN name here: irisngen - P3 lvl23
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  • Call of Duty Enthusiasts – Please Read!

    Hello everyone, my names MadMcardle, but please call me Mad   I am putting together a new Call of Duty community / clan and would like some information from likeminded PlayStation 3 gamers.   I am not looki...
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  • ps4

    yo does any one wonder why the ps4 console not been relesed
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  • Issues with ELITE concerning clans that BEACHHEAD needs to address.

    1- Please provide this community with an ACTIVE and RESPONDING group that can help us fix issues. Just asking us questions and passing them on to the appropriate parties is not enough. This active and responding group...
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  • MW2 Hacking Needs to Stop

    Is Sony close to fixing the hacking problem on MW2 or should I just give up on the idea that they might fix the issue?
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