• the clan pt or pure talent is recruiting

    looking for players who like search and destroy and can beat bogonick1 and black demise
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  • Please Help!

    I started a new youtube channel called Born Faytal and i am nearly at 100 subs please subscribe it helps me a lot thanks! Born Faytal - YouTube !@@@@
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  • Need help getting nukes on MW2!

    Hey there guys! I'm new to the forums but that's not why I'm posting. I'm here to ask for help with getting more nukes OR just improving my gameplay overall. I have 20 days of playing time and only 2 nukes, I also got...
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  • New to the forum, advice please...

    Hi there.   My name's Mike and like the title says; I just joined here. I'll try and not make this a massive post but here goes:   Basically I'm after some advice when playing MW2 online, I'm not really ne...
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  • Where do i enter this code?

    Enter this code at InfinityWard.com for exclusive access. Where do i enter it is the question?
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  • recruting for clan

    hey I am recruiting for new clan FuZiOn we are we are waiting for a reply from MLG to get in. It is a all gun clan. This is all legit no joke. it is a black ops 2 clan. Contact me on my account mman03
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  • Need some friends to play mw2 with

    Im 21 years old. Im looking for respectful friends, no jerks. If anyone wants to play some mw2 hit me up.
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  • [DAD] CLAN

    Hey Dad's, I'm looking to start a CLAN for parents.  I am usually on around 8pm eastern time, until around midnight.  Add me if you are interested.  My gamertag is porkpieAML.  Thanks guys!
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  • Is boosting really that bad?

    Alright I know what you're thinking. No I'm not talking about boosting for 10th prestige, getting a nuke, fall camo or anything like that. I'm talking about boosting for get a certain perk.. My friend and I both bo...
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  • The forums

    Seriously.. The kids here are whining and whining. Over half of the forums are filled with complain thread. Only children complains. If you are a man, you wont just play the game. You wouldn't even bother posting. ...
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  • Xbox gamers, we have finally won.

    It's about time. Now that the PC gamers are whining about their dedicated servers and most of them have refused to purchase the game, we win. They have long claimed to be better than us; calling our controllers stupid...
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  • The European COD Community Game Night is playing a MW2 Throwback (Everyone is welcome!)

    The European COD Community Game Night is playing an Infinity Ward, MW2 throwback (Everyone's welcome!) #TGIF Join us on Friday the 13th of September "Are You scared Bro?" On: Xbox 360 Friday the 13th September @ 8:3...
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  • akimbo settings

    I have one hand and i can't use this attachment can infinity ward make a setting for me and others who can't use the double triggers please!!!
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  • stop the ******** jesus christ

    i see everyother post complaining about the game,petition this, petition that, no nothing will change, nor should it, why should infitnity ward, they already have your money and for the most part mw 2 is a great game,...
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  • Petition to ban Tactical insertion in FFA

    Every..or atleast 1 in 3  games there is boosters so i was thinking what is the point of T.I in FFA seeing as this is how they are boosting?..see if T.I was gone from ffa it would help "alot" sure they could go i...
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  • new patch sucks

    title says it all.  now i know why ps3 users were complaining bout their patch.  xbox just the got the patch, and it really affects the gameplay.
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  • Why do people dislike bloc?

    Bloc is one of my favourate maps but it always gets skipped, but Wetwork never gets skipped :/ So you'd rather get grenade spammed than play on bloc
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  • [CLAN] Mexican Task Force

    MxTF Well i think about making a Mexican xbox 360 clan, so... for all you guys who enter here and speak spanish, you're invited to the clan... just add me on the xbox360 GT: darkfalco Mx try to specify "I...
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  • COD4: Guns ALL locked, all classes are M9s

    I was 10th prestige level 55 (NO HACKS) and COD4 reset me back to Level 1 and locked ALL my guns, now they're all M9s. What do I do about this? Will there be a patch for this?
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  • Best classes

    Put your best classes here please....
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