• Multiplayer

    Is there an issue for pc version?  Multiplayer takes you to Private Match, and says nat not open.  Worked fine two days ago.  Does anyone give a crap about PC players, or just the snot kids with cheap X...
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  • cant anyone at infinity ward get all the hackers out of MW2? PLEEAAASSE!

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  • IW - Lets Make MW3 The Best Yet! We are friends who help!

    Now, with much speculation as to the release, and many distrusting the ability for Inifinty Ward to release as great a game as Modern Warfare 2; it is up to us, the players and supporters of this ground breaking compa...
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  • What if you sell a banned xbox 360 to gamestop

    Hi my cousin works at  gamestop and there have been complaints at gamestop of banned consoles on blackops 2   and i was wondering what if the console was banned and they logged in with there account and it...
    created by StealthyBlood
  • Does anyone know why my name is displayed as Unknown?

    Hi there, when I log in to the site it says my name is Unknown. I started a clan for Old farts like me but even then it says my name is Unknown?
    created by OOONomadOOO
  • disable dlc

    Hey anyone know if its possible to get a rid of dlc? i bought dlc 1 for mw2 but i dont want it any more :/ i dont care about the money i just want to be able to play in non map pack lobbies again.
    created by frozenflam3
  • modern warfare 2 titles and emblems legit

    this is bigjayseven and im almost done with all the titles and emblems legit for modern warfare 2.has anyone done it or knows anyone whos done it?
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  • IWF error I get on IE9

    Sometimes when using IWF on Internet Explorer 9 I get this: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://al.tc/uploads/1/ie9error.jpg">http://al.tc/uploads/1/ie9error.jpg< /a><!-- m --> Nev...
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  • Reporting posts on MW3 Forums

    So how is it done? I know Sim is a mod over there, not sure Turamabar, BigB, or the rest of you guys. I'd like to report 2 posts for all CAPS title. :P <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www....
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  • Changing Registered Email Address

    Can't change my email address on the account settings page - any idea how I can update it?
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  • MW3 threads

    I've moved the main ones and any other stragglers I could find into Game Discussions - seems more logical to have them over there. Any IW-related game discussion should go in that forum. We'll keep non-IW game discuss...
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  • Is it me or did the site just change?

    No more previous game section on the front page, new Game Discussion section that holds MW2 forums.
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  • Official MW3 forums?

    Are there going to be official MW3 forums? I thought it was going to be on Callofduty.com but it doesnt appear to be up over there either.
    created by payneinc85
  • Pretty Upsetting... MW3 Booth @ Gamescom

    [url:1bk9cmzx]http://www.artificialaiming.net/forum/media/50650-gamescom-waiting -lines-bf3-mw3.html[/url:1bk9cmzx]
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  • Private Messaging Question

    So when I send a PM, it appears in my Outbox, but not in my Sent folder.  The information underneath the title of the PM says "Sent: [Date]" so it looks like it's been sent, but it's still in the Outbox.  So...
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  • MW3

    Hello, mw3 will be a prestige edition on a PC?
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  • site idea

    i really think we need a like or dislike button for comments, quotes, topics, members, etc .... please look into this... i would like to see likes and dislikes
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  • My MW3 ideas, good or bad?

    hello, my idea for modern warfare 3 is to create new maps and when it comes to making the new map packs, gamers can create a map and infinity ward choose the best 4 or 3 maps of them all, and then them 4 or 3 maps go ...
    created by Ell321
  • MW3

    Hi,Infinity Ward Add The sniper "Intervention"Please that's my favorite sniper gun I don't use other guns but that please.Thanks an add the perks slight of hand,stopping power,steady aim.Thanks Those are the only i us...
    created by Supto
  • Standard Time?

    How do I get the forum to display the time in Standard Time? Right now it is in Military Time. I tried going into preferences and choosing another date format but I don't think it worked. Please help. Thanks.
    Hardline Pro.
    created by Hardline Pro.