• mw3 beta release date!!!

    does anyone no if we gettin a beta for mw3 and if so when i preordered it waiting for nov,8 but i would like to play the beta and see what its all about. If u know anything then message me back thanks.
    created by killology06
  • zombie level

    how do i get on the 'zombie' level
    created by tank77
  • Your URL in my Sig for Free (lol) (MW3/Elite only)

    Got a GREAT resource for MW3 or Elite and want the word spread? Give me URL and I will see if I want to place it in my IWF signature. I am willing to get rid of my Youtube and MW2 VIP FAQ links for some good pages abo...
    created by myC4isL3giT
  • Page loading in Spanish

    Whenever I come to this site, the first page has started loading in Spanish for some reason.  Its not a big deal, but the fact is that its been perfectly fine for me up until these past few times I've came here.&...
    created by TheHydro
  • Are we going to get a proper MW3 forum set up?

    You know.....like the MW2 forum. The game is out in only 5 months!
    created by biron_w
  • Sending a business building to Oklahoma City,Oklahoma

    When ever I get a job i was wanting to be a video game designer but i don't want to leave my state Oklahoma. I was also wanting to be part of Infinity Ward.I am wishing that Infinity WArd would expand there business t...
    created by jraymac11
  • COMPLAINT: my thread was not a mw3 discution!

    ok, i posted my open letter to iw and a few hours later it got moved into the mw3 discution thread, where, no doubt it will get burried in posts, unread by iw! it was not a discutuion thread, it was a letter plee...
    created by skillsnkills
  • Just Wondered....

    What happens if the hackers who hacked Sony,Nintendo, Epic Fourms hack Infinity Wards fourms? I bet they could if they wanted too.... Anyways the question is, do you think Infinity Ward fourms has good security ...
  • MW3: Give us a beta

    I'll put money on this- If there is no public Beta, the game WILL be ****! Theres no game tester on the planet that can test the game as well as the community can. WE find all...
    created by lolmastergeneral
  • IWF Server in France?

    I use Flagfox, and as of today, it shows IWF is now France-based? A fluke?
    created by myC4isL3giT
  • How to link to another post.

    Can anyone tell me how to link to another post (let's say the second or third post in this thread (when enough people posted here)), and how you did it, what's the rule behind it. I've been trying to figure out the...
    created by annihilator90
  • New Call of duty game ideas

    Don't you think their should be a call of duty medival warfare. I know i sound like a total geek when i say this but, i think it would be pretty cool. the same gasmeplay call of duty brings but with like castles and k...
    created by Jakep478
  • New Custom BBCode added for 'center alignment'

    Hi guys, I know this is something that has bugged a lot of us for a long time so I've added custom BBCode for 'centre/center alignment'. The code is as follows and will centre your text, including images in signatu...
    created by turambarcod
  • MD in Spanish .... please!

    Should pay more attention to Latinos, live in Mexico and know many people who have their games, and all should agree that removing the MW games in Latin or Castilian Spanish or with subtitles, something you see the in...
    created by ALDOAJURIA
  • RIP: IWF

    I love you....I love you all. But I'm being forced to move over to CallofDuty.com Leave your last words for the InfinityWard forums in this thread. R.I.P: INFINITYWARD FORUMS.
    created by Kremble
  • wtf?

    why do i keep getting this on these forums [phpBB Debug] PHP Notice: in file /var/www/2009/html/registration/application/models/user.php on line 680: mktime() expects parameter 4 to be long, string given it cras...
    created by banned_4_lyfe
  • "You are not authorized to read this Forum"

    <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="http://www.infinityward.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=376934&p=5165428#p 5165472">viewtopic.php?f=21&t=376934&p=5165428#p5165472</a><!-- ...
    created by Kremble
  • When will these Forums get more Traffic?

    If I recall right when the MW2 Teaser just came out these Forums crashed thats how many people we're on it. Seems like I'm talking to the same people everyday, and there is like 4+ MW3 Teasers that are out and I s...
    created by Kremble
  • MW3 Maps and More!

    images available at the link below info taken from Kotaku, the Gamer [url:2j0mpaje]http://kotaku.com/callofduty/5801353[/url:2j0mpaje] as many as 20 maps revealed and spec ops... Multiplayer Maps Alpha Al...
    created by CritikalWarfare
  • Why doesn't the "IW COMMUNITY" work?

    Again, I posted this but got no reply, maybe i need to clarify what im talking about: There was a part of this website where you could go in to live chat rooms, view jobs, make polls & votes, view personal prof...
    created by Kremble