• Report Those Invisible Hackers!!!!!!

    People from Acitvision says that every Invisible Hacker founded in the games must be REPORTED IN THE GAME REPORT SYSTEM many times we can. Please do it people. They're tryning to fix it so we can help them, reporting ...
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  • Cod Mw3 Classes

    Hey guys !   Here you can write here some of your classes that you keep using these classes
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  • mw3 invisible hack ps3

    what who can i report this guy to? is anything being done about this? i would be grateful if anyone could help with the above questions! thx in advance for any replies/help
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  • Elite hacked??

    I woke this morning and logged onto elite to find this. I did kinda laugh at the custom class names https://elite.callofduty.com/career#/playercardmw3   I mean WTF i am 16th prestige, this is my real page http...
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  • The Top 15 Kill <Global>

    WTHell all of these players are boosters, and there is no way of reporting these people?
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  • nouveau Clan !!!

    boujour, mon nouveau clan recrute sans restriction mise apart avoir un casque ou une oreilette et un ratio de 1.0 minimum et c'est tout n'hesiter pas le clan s'appelle PSIG-France avec une embleme jaune et noire.
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  • MW3 hacked

    MW3 is now full of hackers using an invisible hack especially on search and destroy. It is now unplayable. What is activision doing about it??? Nothing because Activision dont seem to care about gamers that enjoy play...
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  • cod mw3 not connecting me to a server

    i have been trying to log onto cod mw3 online for the past 2 weeks. it keeps giving me the error, "the call of duty: modern warfare 3 server is not available at this time. please try again later or visit http://www.ca...
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  • Post your PSN

    As most traditions, posting your psn is one of them, so fire away   my psn: thebigb82 (is full so I will add you if I find space)
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  • cod

         when is advanced warfare coming out?
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  • New Mw3 clan open

    Hi...I'm starting a new clan called SToneRz-   accepting up to 15 then after i hit 15 i will open tryouts. This clan is a all-around clan what i mean by that is there's can be quick-scopers rushers anyone. ...
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  • New mw3 trickshot clan

    To join add MSRKID 1. Have a mic 2. Be able to trick shot well 3. Have to change name to start like so MSR....... The the one that first to join is the co leader!!! We will all practice in a private match before ...
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    Here is our new video. We called it trolltage because we troll people online, mostly in hardcore.We are now at 4 trolltage... and we work everyday to get people troll...We are here to promote our video and increase ou...
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  • aV. New Mw3 Ps3 SnD clan.

    Hi this is Damien. I'm here to start a new mw3 SnD clan. I call it aV. As in aVoided. Before it gets serious you all can pitch some ideas for a name. You have to be skilled at SnD, but its not gonna be a tryhard 10...
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  • Need to get Players back on the Map Packs on Ground War

    Need to get Players back on the Map Packs on Ground War, Taking away from some of the hackers and God Mode which has seem to have made it's way to MW3 as well. Would be better as I don't think there'd be as many hacke...
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  • DLC maps

    Good Afternoon Gentlemen, It is with great sadness that I spent money on extra collections 3 maps for Call of Duty Modern Warefare 3 and I'm not enjoying them.   So I demand the return of my money spent for not...
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  • how do i invite friends to join clan

    ok so i am trying to start a clan with friends. but cnt seem to get any further than making a clan name. how do i invite people to join as every time i try to it gives me error on page. and yes im a founder too. if so...
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  • Call of Duty Elite Clan?

    Looking for people for my newly made clan (hereCOM3StheB00M). Prefered founders with 500xp or premium members and if your not either of them then your still welcome but must be good. Please post on the clan feed (http...
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  • MW3/BO2 Clan

    x-iiNSaN3-x is a clan where you can have fun, and don't have to worry about clan ops untill the weekends! I know most people are doing things in the weekdays so I only enlist in clan ops/challenges on the weekends. If...
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  • Reapz Clan recruiting PS3 (Need players and Editors)

    My name is Davonte Smith aka Reapz_Opps. I am starting a Clan for mw3. PS3 users that want to join can. This clan is mostly a sniper clan but you can use other guns as well. NO TRYOUTS REQUIRED!!!! This is a list of...
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