• Call Of Duty Elite Clan

    Im a Call Of Duty Elite  Founder   This is a clan recruiting for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on the Playstation 3.   i have decided to make a clan on elite and the clan needs players! do YOU want j...
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  • DLC

    tem DLC no mw3 alem dos mapas gratis?
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  • CLÃ?

    como entre em um clã?
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  • mw3 invisible hack ps3

    what who can i report this guy to? is anything being done about this? i would be grateful if anyone could help with the above questions! thx in advance for any replies/help
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  • Spieler zum Zocken gesucht

    Hallo, ich suche ein paar Leute die mit mir zocken wollen, denn alleine ist es relativ langweilig. Bin in MW3 Prestige 20 Lvl. 80. Meine ID: D3rK1ll3rHD Ich zocke mit jedem, egal ob er gut oder schlecht ist (bin au...
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  • FxG_ recrute !

    Bonjour a tous, FxG_OxSkArTe, leader et co-fondateur de la FxG, entame une demande de recrutement sur le jeu MW3, qualité recquise 1,60 de ratio minimum ambiance chaleureuse,et si possible un age minimum de 15ans...
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  • help with domino effect

    i have yet to get this title and have been trying everything i can think of.  so i am asking my friends on the forums for some advice on how to get it.  locations, methods, etc.  any help would be appre...
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  • Elite Clans - How do we do challenges?

    I have been looking for a while and was wondering how do you do challenges for your clan? i want to earn XP but can't since i can't find them :/
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  • MW 3 Class Hackers God and Invisible

    Please Patch This With Somthing Everone Is Cheating With The Those Hacks Modern Warfare 3 Was Great Game Untill Fall Into Hackers Hands Please PAtch This For Everone No Hack No More   They used to quick levels u...
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    Just as I thought that activision cared about its customers, it took back our privileges as COD ELITE Premium members. We need More Clan Ops!
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  • MW3/BO2 Clan

    x-iiNSaN3-x is a clan where you can have fun, and don't have to worry about clan ops untill the weekends! I know most people are doing things in the weekdays so I only enlist in clan ops/challenges on the weekends. If...
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  • How to get your Premium Founder Emblem and title..

    I just got it i just went to elite via in game and then went back to multi and there they were,try it
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  • Scar-L progress stuck at 13?

    I recently got back into playing MW3 on my PS3 and figured I'd finish up my SCAR-L challenges.  I got them all complete, but my progress still says 13 of 15 and I can't figure out why.  Can anyone help? ...
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  • Some noob cheating on infected must see!

    Some Noob cheating on infected MW3 - YouTube
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  • Link the "Hardened Edition" question threads, PLEASE.

    Is there a forums' monitor or administrator that could put some of these threads together? I've used the COD forums for the previous 3 games and all have been easy to jump into a variety of active and currently-used t...
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  • any hacker

    i need a mw3 hacker too boost me up a few levels and i will swap for a £10 PSN card but need hack first before i give the code this is not a joke will give the code as long as I get the hack for ranks up mail me...
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  • cod mw3 not connecting me to a server

    i have been trying to log onto cod mw3 online for the past 2 weeks. it keeps giving me the error, "the call of duty: modern warfare 3 server is not available at this time. please try again later or visit http://www.ca...
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  • BlueskyModzHD is using the invisibility cheat.

    He just won with 30 kill, 0 deaths.  Got me twice, both times I was looking right at him.   And he left before I could report him in game.   Come on mods, nail these invisible ********.
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  • OhhTame-_ is using the invisibility cheat

    Come on IW, banninate these bastards!
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  • Souders660 is using the invisibility cheat

    He's on right now, currently has 29 kills no deaths.  He's killed me twice.  He's a really crappy player too.   I know we're not supposed to call people out by name but, dammit, this invisibility cheat...
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