• Please bring back Elite!

    Lets show Activision that we want call of duty mw3 Elite back! I loved it so much and me and my clan want to do some more gaming together!
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  • Mw3 clan

    Looking for a mw3 clan !
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  • Join my MW3 clan (PS3)

    I am making a clan called Gaming Assassins   We all will mainly play S&D and other games! We will have warm-ups to see how good each of us are! We will have clan ops every Saturday! We will also complete...
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  • Needing an editor for the Fine Clan

    Someone who knows how to edit clips and make montages. Message Fine Sketch if you are interested in Editing for us. ( Xbox 360 )   Youtube: Fine Clan - YouTube
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  • hi

    is it me or does cod seem to becoming more n more hacked i haven't had many games the day where people making immpossible shots from other side of the map n being able to not get a single hit marker on them n yes lag ...
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  • MW3 tres décevant

    je voudrais juste poser une question au sujet de MW3. Pourquoi leurs serveurs sont si merdique et pourquoi y a t-il toujours un temps de retard en jeu, ça devient impossible à jouer. je suis franchement ...
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    Greetings all MW3 players.   Recently the MW3 site has been decimated by invisible cheaters ruining this game for EVERYONE.   People are asking: Where do they come from? How did they get this cheat glit...
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  • Venting

    I'm just coming on to vent about a few things that are really getting to me.      1. If I am on your team, and I stop in a corner and do a 360 around my surroundings, I am not planning on camping...
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  • Perfect gun

    Does anyone know a easy way to find the best gun that suits you. i am more of a player who gos in for kills tell me if you need more info.
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    How do I set my Clan's clan tag, as my own? It is not giving me an option for setting it.
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    Yesterday i was in a lobby playing inf3cted i get 29999 xp for survivor 29999 xp for assist! idk the h0st hker or something. here
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  • COD: MW3 MAC

    Sooooooooo......   Those of us Mac only gamers now have MW3 (and 2) for Mac! Yay!   COD4 is so hacked (as well as nade spammed and sniper glitched) that it's hard to find a good game. BLACK OPS is great...
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  • got permabanned. is it because i changed my background?

    I got permabanned in ghost for going unbeknownst to me in a quickgame where a hacker upped the stats of players and i found myself banned after this?? I was not the one responsible for the hack in any way but was bann...
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  • My Old but GOLD Montage !!! SnD Clutches only

    Just wanted 2 share my montage thought it would deserve more views...   Got more awesome Ninja stuff funny moments etc...   Havent been posting new content lately but its commin !!!   http://www.yout...
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  • Création classe sur COD elite

    Sa fait 30 minutes que j'essaye de crée une classe sur le site Call Of Duty Elite, quelqu'un sait comment créé une classe ( arme principale, grenades, équipement... ) ?
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  • Créé classe MW3

    Sa fait 30 minutes que j'essaye de crée une classe sur le site Call Of Duty Elite, quelqu'un sait comment créé une classe ( arme principale, grenades, équipement... ) ?
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  • Clan PS3 Fr

    Je viens de créer une team Fr sur PS3 de call of duty MW3 et maintenant je recrute, il serait préférable : - D’être actif - D'avoir un micro ( Ce n'est pas obligé, mais c'est mieux )...
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  • Starting a Clan for all CoDs Snipers and Editors needed

    Hey guys im starting a clan that is for snipers message me on xbox at dV Zodiac if you're interested in joining it will also be on ps3 ps4 xbox one and pc if ps or pc players are interested email me at markcriollo65@g...
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  • Looking for recruits

    So im starting a clan for anyone and everyone on all consoles and pc also im looking for feeders, trickshoters, editors, and pubstompers email me at markcriollo65@gmail.com or on xbox at dV Zodiac or comment here to l...
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  • Youtube Montage Editor!

    Hay I am a new youtube editor and i have recently been editing montages for call of duty clans I have been told that i have a true tallent by some of the people i have edited for.   And it would mean alot if yo...
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