• Youtube Montage Editor!

    Hay I am a new youtube editor and i have recently been editing montages for call of duty clans I have been told that i have a true tallent by some of the people i have edited for.   And it would mean alot if yo...
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  • Elite

    hello to everyone I need some help because I want to join the cod elite 4 Mw3 , but when I try to sing up in the web site they said , cod elite I shut down!!! What I can do??? Somebody can help me!!   CIao a tut...
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  • Can someone help me to create a clan? :)

    Can someone help me to create a clan?
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  • Looking for someone to trickshot With (360)

    i'm a decent trickshotter, just need someone to do it with. add me if u wanna play or if there is any clan out there that might need a player. Them I'm ready for a tryout . I'm willing to chance my gt. Gt: swaggybanna
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  • Montage Editer

    Im a editer and im free if you want me to edit your montage or something look at my channel and skype me if you want me to edit for you Skype "GhostRcon14" Youtube channel: GhostRcon14 - YouTube
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  • Quickscope/Trickshot Clan?

    Hey Community, My PSN: Athomeh and im Looking for a Good sniping Clan, I Like a lil' bit more Trickshooting I play too much s&d but I relly want Sniper player please send me a message on the ps3 or reply my topic ...
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  • Join BHL for Fun/Competitive Gaming

    CALLING ALL COD PLAYERS! For fun or competitive gaming, join http://bhlgaming.com/forums/index.php?app=referrals&reff=13885   Its a gaming community with lots of fun guys/girls! We play all sorts of games lik...
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  • Join my MW3 clan (PS3)

    I am making a clan called Gaming Assassins   We all will mainly play S&D and other games! We will have warm-ups to see how good each of us are! We will have clan ops every Saturday! We will also complete...
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  • multiplayer

    alguien me puede decir como ago para jugar moderwafre multijugador con  enemigos en la ps3 como en black ops
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  • Lovely <<----- extremely sarcastic!

    The_Vampyress - MW3 Game Clip - YouTube     Just played this lovely game last night, and low and behold guess what I find (or shall I say found me)?   Why oh why do you people feel the need to cheat?...
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  • Phoenix Rising Clan wants you!

    Hey everyone, Phoenix Rising Clan is looking for some players for a competitive and sniping division.  Competitive division doesn't have a skill level required, but sniping division needs to at least be good a qu...
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  • MW3 Recoverys Anyone ?

    -Pubbzys JTAG Service- I'm Doing Modern Warfare 3 Recoverys They Are Not Free Ha You Guys Want Something Dont Be Afraid To HMU Screw Theese Communitys I Always Find Some Way To Get You Guys Theese Lobbys <3 &...
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  • Anyone want to trade their BO2 for mw3 over Steam?

    I am looking for someone to trade games with over steam. If you are interested please email me at cbacvar@gmail.com. - Thanks
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  • What is the actual damage multipliers of AS50 and RSASS?(MW3 MP)

    Someone says AS50 can't get OHK by shooting the lower torso(like drift0r's In-Depth series on noobtube), but I recognized AS50 can get OHK by shooting the stomach. And Someone says RSASS can get OHK to the chest(base ...
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  • m I the only one having trouble with getting killed when I know I shot the other person first?

    I don't know if it's xboxes computers or if the other people are all cheating some how?
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  • Starting a Clan.

    Looking to start a clan with no assigned roles. I'm a very mediocre player. Looking to run and gun and Snipe. GT Caus3sCha0s.
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  • MW3 Survival Mode - 2 Player - Available on any other COD franchise?

    Is Survival mode (2 player) available on any other game in the COD franchise (Black Ops/Battlefield etc)? Or is this type of gameplay similar on any other FPS games.
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  • WANTED: small quick scoping clan but YouTube active.

    Hi I'm looking for a  quick scoping clan that must be YouTube active. I am a good quickscoper willing to be tested to be put in. I really don't care to change my psn.. You can contact me via psn (shoaib272) or em...
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  • How to get 500 kills with Stinger?  Stuck at 250

    Hey everyone.   So I barely started playing MW3 and got to a point where I have 250 kills with the stinger (mostly from TDM).  When I select stinger as the secondary, I get marksman VIII and a DONE with 250 ...
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  • Looking for MW3 Clan in AUS (PS3) - Intermediate

    I'm located in melbourne Australia and am looking for a clan to join…  Nothing to crazy, I like to play for fun.   I'm an average player, but I am quite good at search and destroy. I have only rec...
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