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    HOw do i download call of duty elite for ps3
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  • [PS3] MW3 hacks getting worse - MP not playable anymore, what to do?

    Dear COD-Team, first I need to tell, that I'm pretty new to the COD franchise. I recently decided to get in touch with it and bought a copy of MW3 for PS3. Since then I was quite happy with the game - Of course COD c...
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  • Bug with the online servers/cant go to online gameplay says it has to update when there is no update

    i have a problem with my COD MW3. Evrytime i start it and press "play" it just says "Connecting to online servers..." and then after like 3 min. it says "The Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 server is not available at ...
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  • How can i fix my screen bug

    it look like this when i open mw3 http://i.imgur.com/0F3ijez.png please tell me how i can fix this.
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  • can you play 3 player in special ops in split screen?

    I want to know if you can play 3 player split screen in special ops on MW3 is that possible or does it have to be in multiplayer only? if anyone can tell me that will help full thank you
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  • I am not able to download DLC for MW3! I just bought a DLC for MW3

    I've heard multiple other people are having the same problem.Did activison just rob 15$ from me?I have talked to Xbox support & they said it was a developer problem. Someone help!
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  • I did buy the new DLC for call of duty modern warfare 3  and I regretted it.

    I did buy the new DLC for call of duty modern warfare 3  and I regretted it. When the DLC content is on I can wait in the lobby of the game for hours and no will one came. I have a new missions but I CAN NOT play...
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  • DLC problem with free-for-all

    So I download a DLC pack for my Xbox 360 version of MW3 thinking "oh kool, new maps to play." Wish I hadn't now. I can't get free for all to load at all because it's saying there's no games found and no players matche...
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  • How do you make an Elite Clan?

    I need help, i would like to start a new clan on elite but when i go there it tells me it is shutting down. Is there still a way to make a new clan? Thank you for your time!
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  • Mw3 Ban.

    Hello, I have just played some games and I get MOAB, you know what is it ( killing spree). I have it on video from call of duty cinema. I have all videos for all games. I have ban right now, but why? I have all videos...
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  • MW3 Hack Problem,

    Recently, I saw so many people are hacking in the game ( on ps3 ) , but I think when I send report about them , nothing happen to them , and they are continue what they're doing!     So, I collect all hacks...
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  • Disconnecting every 5 minutes from CoD mw3 servers..

    It's only started recently, I have no idea why but i've started to disconnect from the call of duty modern warfare 3 server... I've got this message twice in the last 5 minutes http://i.imgur.com/EU2DjjF.jpg then as s...
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  • I've been VAC-banned and don't know for how long

    yes I realize that i should have not been modding my rank.. but i do not know what VAC-ban I have or how long i have it. If someone could find out that would be great thanks! Steam name: Lucky Forever15
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  • I've been banned for cheats while I wasn't cheating! In COD MW3  -.- Unban, please. Nick: szymii123 / FastPaper Boy

    I've been banned for cheats while I wasn't cheating! In COD MW3  -.- Unban, please. Nick: szymii123 / FastPaper Boy
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  • Black screen

    Got in start up menu black screen. But the music and other things are going. I tried reinstall,verify files, update drivers...Nothing helped
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  • Why continue to exist invisible on modern warfare 3?

    After repeatedly report they have not done anything to avoid having invisible in Modern Warfare 3. Want you to do something about it because this company does not allow either the first or last game that has gone on s...
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  • game is not working after installation

    i just installed the game from 2 dvds .after installing the game i got 3 icons "{ COD MW3:; COD MW DELICATED SERVER :;COD MW MULTIPLAYER }"  after clicking cod-mw3 icon steam opens  and showing  fa...
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  • Elite Founder Question

    I Played MW3 a bunch but I never purchased the hardened edition so I never received the Founder Status.  If I was to purchase a hardened version now, that code would not be valid As elite has shut down?  I'm...
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  • Modern warfare 3 install problem

    Hello, i bought the mw3 cd and can't install it. i tried to delete the files and install it with "C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe" -install D:, and with restore a previous backup and choose cd to install, but it stuc...
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  • Why is the game saying sever unavailable but i'm seeing my friends playing online

    Please explain
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