• No sound on multiplayer after downloading collection pack 2 and 4.

    I just downloaded the 2nd and 4th collection packs, spec ops and all that has sound, but multiplayer doesn't. What do you guys think the issue is?
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  • Can't join any lobbies after downloading collection packs 2 and 4.

    Well i have audio now, only problem now is i can't join any games, it keeps searching and searching and searching, but i can't join ...
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  • MW3 XBOX Invisible Hack

    I have been noticing this XBOX invisible hack used by cheaters more and more often in multiplayer games. I played with two individuals today who were using it non-stop. Their gamer tags were, Zoe 305 BDL and BLOODREAL...
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  • I Get Vac Ban

    Hey. I thought one or two days before the vac banned. I raise my character stat. I knew there was something illegal. For many tricks I've ever seen, but I thought I'd take the penalty. I really regret it. Lift the ban...
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  • MW3 is my favorite video game of all time, but...

    Recently the game has been overrun by hackers and modders. This severely disappoints me, as I don't enjoy BO2 or Ghosts nearly as much as MW3, and when I log on now to try and enjoy it I run into invisible players and...
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  • Why dont the finishing moves unlock?

    The "Finishing Moves" under the challenges category wont unlock. We tried a different game disc, on a different console, signed in under different users and nothing would work. We got the winning kill cam shot with th...
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  • Pdanet internet don't connect!!

    Like a month ago this type of internet work perfectly fine and now don't connect. This is the only game like MW3 don't work only sometimes. I bought the game because I borrowed and work and now i bought it and didn't ...
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  • Marine Camo

    Is there any way to still get this camo? I know about a year ago something happened and many people ended up getting it. I didn't find out about this until recently, though. I've searched everywhere to find out a way ...
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  • can you play 3 player in special ops in split screen?

    I want to know if you can play 3 player split screen in special ops on MW3 is that possible or does it have to be in multiplayer only? if anyone can tell me that will help full thank you
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  • VAC banned for using a FOV changer?! (PC)

    Hey today i went to play Mw3 and when i got on it said that it could not connect to online services so i checked and found out i was VAC banned on steam. i have NOT cheated in anyway. when i got the game i got into a ...
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    I literally just RANDOMLY lost all my recent games after January 30th! I was uploading a random throwing knife bankshot killcam and it happened IM SO PISSED
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  • Can't Play after downloading New Maps

    I just downloaded new map pack for mw3 on ps3 and now it wont let me play online always says no games found, very upset at this. I want to play, don't loose a customer.
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  • New maps!!!

    Why is it almost unpossible to play new maps like Sanctuary,Gulch,Overwarch etc,etc..We have paid money to play them,and every time i try to play there it says "no games found"...WHY???I live in Norway..
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  • Ehm... Help please? Getting really frustrated.

    Alright so, the past couple months MW3 has been acting up, it's freezing and having a lot of disc read errors, it's been happening ever since I got the game the first week it came out. It wasn't as bad as before, it o...
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  • mw3 stats not correct

    my stats in mw3 show I am now ranked 88706477...was ranked at about 2500 why has it changed as I can`t get no reply from any one
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  • Cannot find game on All Or Nothing

    For a while now I've been trying to join a game of All or Nothing on the PSN and it never connects. It goes through the matchmaking process of < 50ms then < 75ms and so on, but I can never start a game. Could th...
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  • how to make a clan on elite

    how do you make a clan with elite ?   can someone explain me
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  • MW3 Invisible-Hacker in Domination.

    "Usas4u2taste" was in a lobby with me on domination, and managed to somehow exploit an invisibility glitch or Hack while playing on Xbox-Live.   I have uploaded the game to my online vault and am willing to give...
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  • "Invicible man hack"

    Recently more and more have been hacking online, running around invicible and cannot be killed. A quick look at the leaderboards will tell you that 95% of the top 1000 is cheating. This is obvious. Why are there not b...
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  • Hacked in Mw3. Can anyone help me?

    Hey guys, today i was hacked from another mw3 player, and Im wondering what i should do to regain my account back because I've done so much with this account. So please help me.
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