• MW3 stürzt ständig ab!

    Hey, ich habe vor einem Monat einen neuen Router bekommen auf Grund einer neu bereitgestellten 50k Internetleitung. Jedoch funktioniert seid dem CoD MW3 nicht mehr so wie es soll. Ich kann zwar noch die Kampanie, sow...
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  • Invisible glitch

    Please fix that.   More and more are doing that glitch that make you invisible, and immortal.   That's clearly a cheating glitch exploit.   Hopefully, Someone will hear.
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  • cant connect to the server!

    its say unable to connect to server  try later or chek to Status. homesite say all servers are working normally. then was check my router its fine too, portas are open!
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  • MW3 Wont load on PS3

    I've deleted game data, rebuilt storage, and it does this shuddering thing when I put it in... all other games/movies work perfectly...
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  • MW3, can't get in-game DLC to download

    For Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox 360, I downloaded the Collection 1, 2, and 3 keys from Xbox Live. When in-game, I initiate the download of all available maps and after I confirm the download, immediately get an error. Er...
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  • Weapon Title issues on MW3?

    So there are a lot of posts everywhere online about titles not showing up when you complete achievements.  In my case, I already have 250, 500, 1000 kills and 250, 500,1000 headshots with a variety of weapons.&nb...
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  • MW3sa needs to be done away with

    Too many children with it that can't compete are just banning players because they are not as good. There are not enough people playing this game anymore to keep allowing for the use of the tool. Please get rid of it.
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  • FPS drops

    Hi,   In some places of the multiplayer and singleplayer maps, I notice FPS drops from 90 FPS to 40 FPS. I'm playing on ultra. Especially in Terminal I get a huge FPS drop which makes the game unplayable. When...
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  • Can't play online - 'Server not available' error

      Hello,     It's been a while since I've played MW3 for the last time. Yesterday I wanted to play it again, but I simply couldn't because of an error that occured. When I try to 'PLAY ONLINE' th...
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  • I've paid and now i can't play, why?????

    I've paid for dlc maps and now i can't play on them does anyone know why???
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  • How do I create a clan for MW3 on PS3?

    Hi, I'm posting this question, since Call of Duty Elite is gone. Sorry if i am a total noob and if I failed choosing categories. (And sorry for my crappy english)
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    1st the site does nothing. Now it says code error. It has been like this for weeks. When will I be able to redeem my damn code? On top of that for naggin and asking daily when this code will work I was muted of the ac...
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  • Vac ban on steam. Please help!

    So i was in this MW3 lobby yesterday on my pc where i ran into a hacker. He used so called "aimbot" and killed us all across map with no scopes, just shoting in the air. He then when afk and i played a quite normal lo...
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  • Problems with launching Dome on MW3 multiplayer

    Can anyone please help me with an advise what should I do to be able to launch Dome on Team Deathmatch module. I am using PS3. All other levels are working fine, while Dome stopped working for a while already and is ...
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  • MW3 Can't find any Free For All Games

    My MW3 won't find any free for all games. It searches but says No Games Can Be Found. However it will find Team Death Match Games. Any help would be appreciated.
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  • How do I become an elite premium member I want more slots In my vault

    How do I become a premium member I want more slots in my vault
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  • Restoring My Old Rank

    Hey Guys, my name is XCrookie and im on Xbox. My Xbox name is [Removed by Moderator]   Here is the backstory to my problem. I am playing in a game with friends when one decides to do face off. I then decide to d...
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  • My Mw3 Pc VAC Ban

    Dear Mw3 Support,                I was banned 266 days ago on Mw3 for Pc on Steam. I admit that I was indeed hacking, and I regret that. I saw someone...
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  • Perma Ban

    Ok so last week I tried to get onto me and my brothers shared call of duty account and found that it was permanently banned, I thought to myself well this isn't right so I dug around and found out my brother has been ...
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  • COD Ghost wont find game

    COD Ghost wont find game, I'm connect with an Ethernet cable and my NAT is open. I have tried just about everything. A few days last week it work perfect, then it went back to not working Saturday.  My PS3 user n...
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