• Dempsey's new favorite word

    Is it just me, or does Dempsey just love to say Oorah now? In SNN he said Freak Bag a lot, but now It seems that he trys to put Oorah that in even sentence. '"Heh, I must have tripped. Oorah." Anyone else agree?
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  • HOLY CRAP! Did that really just get said??

    Der Riese is filled with absolutely hilarious quotes, so I have played excessively, and gone through numerous posts to create this list, which will be updated as new ones are added via comments. feel free to comme...
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  • Zombie PC Clan, interseted?

    Hey i was wondering if any one is interested playing World at War PC CUSTOM ZOMBIE maps with me first one to respond will be co-owner of my clan HQZ (Head Quad Zombies) and HQ3 (Head Quarters Tripple)
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  • Does Wii  COD World At War HAve ZOMBIES...?REPLY A.S.A.P. Thanks

    Does Wii   COD World At War have Zombies i need to Know As Soon As Possible please and thankyou
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  • Waw zombie lobby

    Add -  WebbyCoin83 on Xbox for either a waw zombie lobby or a black ops 2 lobby just message me and I'll do it!
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  • Is there anyone still playing in AUS?

    Well... is there? Its just abit lonely that there arn't any people who play anymore and was wondering if there are any people still playing and wanna play with me.
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  • cod zombie game

    if treyarch have made so many zombie maps for cod 5 they might as well make a zombie game
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  • who's proud to be australian

    i am
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  • What Are Your Highest Rounds?

    Hello Everyone, So Petzlwolfy, Beacheagle, David2315, and NightAvenger played tonight on the iPhone/iPodTouch version. We played around two and a half hours. We would have kept going, but the server crashed apparen...
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  • Cursing in Zombies... Do we really need it? Vote...

    Yes I know it's a M17 game - okay? Don't remind me. I love Zombies and think it's a great Mature game... But I feel there are so many situations where Tank cursing in the game is not cool. It's pretty juvenile. I...
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  • Getting out of der riese reveals a lot

    Pjabadman on youtube got out of der riese using the pack a puch machine with no mods. Y do any of u give a flying f*ck?! Cause i saw the flytrap with everything that was in it. heres the link it look sweet and im gonn...
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  • highest round in nazi zombies

    what is ur highest round in nazi zombies
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  • Call Of Duty Zombies group

    Hi guys! So I'll start off by saying im about 13 and I want to play some zombies and record them for youtube (my channel below)   http://www.youtube.com/user/Cptpainter?feature=mhee   I have all map packs ...
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  • "Bowie Knife Building" Strategy

    One strategy I have used with great success is using the building with the Bowie Knife on the outside as your defending base. Firstly, you want to turn on the power and get one mystery box weapon. Try to save your poi...
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  • Pick your new Zombie location

    I'd like to see one setting take place in an abandoned church at night of course.
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  • Whats your favourite zombie map and whats your highest round?

    Whats your favourite zombie map and whats your highest round?
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  • Nazi Zombie Clan?

    Is there any Nazi Zombie clan?
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  • No Map Pack 4 (A Relay from the Developer - JD2020)

    There has been much spectacle of a Map Pack 4 Coming out. But unfortunately, Community Manager and Developer of the Critically acclaimed Call of Duty: World at War, Josh Olin (JD_2020) has stated about 2 months back t...
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    the only thing really that i request is that you have mp3 a mic is secondary you don't have to have one but i would perfer it if you did i have a mic so you want to play zombies hit me up on ps3 psn= tinykiller1
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