• Zombies Easter Egg HELP! Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2

    In a nerdy celebration of zombies Easter eggs, I would like 3 people with a basic knowledge of the main 8 Black Ops and Black Ops 2 maps (Ascension, Call of the Dead, Sangri-La, Moon, Tranzit, Die Rise, Buried, and Or...
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  • die rise

    Anybody wanna die rise easter egg?
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  • die rise easter egg

    Gamertag mercyjerker. Need team mates!!!
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  • Can someone help us?

    Okay so I have read like a million (not really) forums about Maixs side being glitched or whatever. We know all the steps do the easter egg. We have tried everything.    Camping right by the buddhas, doing ...
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  • Looking for people to play Black Ops 2 zombies with? Any gaming advice?

    I am a big fan of the original zombies from World at War and then Black Ops. I have all of the maps so far that have come out on PSN for Black Ops 2. I am looking to find other people who are interested in having a gr...
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  • end game rictofen ps3

    need two or three players add me boshua1987
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  • making perk bottles

    hey so i want to make perk bottles and apparently the best bottle to use are henry weinhard's orange cream soda bottles. the problem is that i live in the uk and i cant find it anwhere. can anyone else find it so i c...
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  • Need 3 People For Tranzit, Die Rise and Buried Easteregg

    i need to get 3 people to do the eastereggs with me and i might need help with the chinese symbols so it would help if u know what ur doing message me if intrested GT: mater chief108
    created by jackon34
  • Tranzit EE richtofen need help and players

    I built the nav card table and thats it GT:Zorion1 xbox
    created by zorion1
  • were are we now?!

        Were are we now; we all remember when when earth was blown up (remember richtafen is still in control during buried) that's when richtafen took over so why the hell do we have sunlight.we will find ...
    created by zorion1
  • Floating Buildables

    I've gotten the ATVI team to respond to me on Twitter, and they asked which buildables are floating, are they going through the map and are they out of reach?   I responded   @ATVIAssist Turbines on Tranz...
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  • Mob Of The Dead: More glitches than usual?

    Treyarch, there have been many glitches on mob of the dead, i honestly can't tell if it is my playstation or something to do with you guys that you could some how fix, this is an awesome map but it has the most glitch...
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  • Might Black Ops 2 Next Zombie Map be Graveyard????

    My eyes want to See Vultures swarming down and hanging around......reason being  (Vultures eat dead Flesh)    ..My brain is thinking "Vultures" definetly be a source of zombie trap killing......200...
    created by MrButtcheeks79
  • Who is disappointed so far with the Easter Eggs for Black Ops 2: Zombies?

    Ok, in Black Ops: Zombies, the Easter Eggs were pretty fun to do, and you usually got something good out of it. In Moon, you would get all perks for the remainder of the game, even if you down. On CotD, after the East...
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  • Shangri-la Easter egg tomorrow, need players!

    I need players to complete the easter egg tomorrow at 5 pm pacific time, if you need to know what time that converts to in your part of the world then look it up online. my psn is aznmok so send me a friend request if...
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  • Aus PS3 Zombie Easter Egg group

    Looking for players to complete the Easter eggs from tranzit through to motd. Must have a Mic. Don't care for age just as long as you know what you're doing and are of a decent skill in zombies. Message psn: YoJackWel...
    created by YoJackWelch
  • I need some teammates

    First of all, zombies is all I play, and I'm good at it. I just got black ops 2 yesterday, and I can not get a good team. The people are even more idiodic than they were on black ops one. My gamertag is "bace a flunt"...
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  • Find B02 XBL Zombies Players that won't F**KING leave the lobbies.

    Hiya, Ive recently got in to Zombies after recently having it recomended to me by my housemate. I've really enjoyed the more team-like aspect of it, but am fed up of people quiting lobbies before we get to high rounds...
    created by DemSkagMen
  • Zombies (BO2 and Mob of the Dead)

    Does anyone know what those symbols on the right of the score mean? And could some one explain how the icon you have on your playercard is upgraded through zombies?   Also, in multiplayer, there should be hardc...
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  • NEW Nuketown Zombies Extended Intro Song

    An unofficial Extended Intro of the Nuketown Zombies loading screen by Statikroxi   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkGsUBY2bnE
    created by lilbart90