• Die rise EE now msg me ThreadVsPeguin2 PS3 goes live at 11:15

    Join me to get the EE
    created by THEREFREDEDED
  • instant down glitch in die rise

    i was wondering if anyone ever went down the elevator shaft and right before landing infront of the AN-94, you get downed while trying to slide out of the shaft
    created by DaiLL3stMoFo
  • Who is disappointed so far with the Wonder Weaponry in BO2: Zombies?

    Who finds the Jet Gun and Sliquifier to be fairly lackluster? Okay, the Jet Gun was a pathetic joke from the get go. I get that. But the Sliquifier was actually a decent idea. So why, first of all, would you make them...
    created by Mhintz64

    please some one tell me why i am not ranking up im stuck on blue eyes knife and skull!
    created by RTTZ387
  • ZOMBIES to BORING Treyarch!!

    I have enjoyed playing zombies from world at War - Black Ops 2 but it is just the same thing over. Sure the graphics increase and the zombie styles change, but I enjoy it more if it was more custom as in fun of what w...
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  • zombies(tower of babble) 4 co op local?

    Hey guys   I've been trying to get this trophy with 4 players in co op local play but it seems you don't hear the voices. My questions are: -Can i still get this trophy this way even without hearing anyone? -Is...
    created by kennedylaan
  • Bo2 2cnd zombies map idea

    so i was thinking and i thought atlantis would be a cool map. it could be kind of like moon but instead of a astrounant suit we geet scubagear. list below what u would like to see as next map
    created by bossssssssss
  • anyone down to do the easter egg?

    im on ps3, you must have mic must be a decent player and have some knowledge on how to do it. my psn is Boom-Shakka-Laka add me saying ee
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  • Tower of babble on playstation 3

    Need some team mates to do tower of Babble. I've got money in the bank and my other team mates let me down and messed me over. If intrested reply or leave your ps3 name and ill add you. Mic will be used and needed by ...
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  • trying to do either easter egg which ever map im down just add me Eric_theronin on ps3

    trying to do easter egg
    created by Eric_TheRonin
  • New Navcard video & theory!!!

    So I have just see a new video regarding the Navcard in tranzit, which is connected to Die Rise.   The player had the Navcard from the tranzit map & it was accepted... Yes I said ACCEPTED, on the Die Ris...
    created by Weasle1185
  • 2 good die rise players needed

    I am looking to get to a high round on die rise I have a mic so add me if you have one too   Psn: jmclarens
    created by xMclaren
  • almost confirmed the pyramid on tranzit..m.p.d?

    So i was just playing farm solo..i start and immidiatly look to my left and there is a big pyramid sticking out...mostly the top part...but its still there its just blurred out a little like its coming soon of some so...
    created by occoquan
  • Zombie headhunter option? Help!!! Ps3... Zombiex? Nuketown 2025.

    I purchased season pass for COD2. Downloaded last night & on menus I do not have nuketown 2025 like I did before I purchased season pass. It now says bonus for nuketown. But my understanding there's an option ...
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  • Nuketown Zombies]

    Anybody Know a Good Glitch For Nuketown Zombies ??
    created by JaMeS_G_2o13

    created by winstonava1
  • EAster egg on die xbox

    Just send a message to GT: Calluxtor about the EE and i will invite you to a party
    created by calluxtor
  • black ops 2 zombies rank reset

    I was rank 5 in zombies then I went on the next day i was level1 with the level 3 icon why is that please help
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  • Tower of Babble Maxis

    Anyone trying to do this easter egg right now? looking for 3 zombie slaying partners to join me on this adventure. Please mics and serious gamers only.
    created by dballs89
  • DLC??

    Does any one know when new DLC  will come out for Black Ops 2?
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