• i aam tird of all these ghost haters

    am tired of akl,l these guys ghaten on ghost stop hating on ghost jsut cvause you dont got skill to play the game ok just stop pls go play some battlfeld on somthin nad dstp *******
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  • LvL 22| Platinum Division | Cross platform ps3,ps4, xbox 360 and xbox one | Competitive-Recreational | Apply now!:)

    OrionGC  Come join our cross platform clan! With close to 300 members expanding across Ps3, Ps4 , Xbox 360 and Xbox one! Orion is a gaming community where we all game together and have fun   Our clan cons...
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  • Zombies; Need a team for easter eggs ( Tranzit, Origins, Buried )

    Hiya.   i would like to make a team to complete the easter eggs for these 3 maps. i can be a great help at origins, but i don't know a lot about transit and buried yet so i'll have to look those up. Interested...
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  • WWS is Recruiting

    Hello everyone, my clan WWS is recruiting. We are a fresh clan so we're low level and the clan wars that starts on the 16th will be out first. We are not new to the clan scene though.   We are looking to recrui...
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  • !!!Recruiting For Clan!!! (360)

    Hi. My clan is currently recruiting.   Clan: Prophetic Justice Clan K/D: 1.2 Clan Win %: ,44% Clan Wars: Gold Division Clan Members:   thomson8508 (Me) - My K/D: 1.57      ...
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  • [PC] Looking for clan

    Experienced Cod Player, looking for Clan, I had an average of 1.5K/d in older cods and just picked up CoD Ghost.
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  • Gaming Entitlement

    Yes, I will be using generalizations. No, I am not tarring everyone with the same brush.   Let's start with a true story. Being 11 or 12 my older sister and I sat in the living room Christmas morning. My head w...
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  • Invite a clan ;p 360

    Looking for for a good clan to play with! Preferably level ranged from 18-25. My kd is currently a 1.351, my Win/loss is currently 1.261. I have experience in platinum, Gold, and Diamond division of clan wars. My game...
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  • Black Ops 1, online numbers, hacking, and map packs

    Played the hell out of this years ago but never got the map packs etc, and I played on a diff console.   Moved to ps3 recently and im loving blops 2, but Ghosts is atrocious, so im thinking of ditching it and pi...
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  • Anyone got black ops 1 maps rto sell me?

    Im after buying black ops 1 map packs, at least the 3 multiplayer bundles, not bothered about the zombie pack. Ill pay by paypal once verified and we agree a price. Just lost my job so cant pay the full price, which i...
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  • What is your favorite wtf or amusing moment in extinction?

    Reading about people hitting certain glitches some new, some not, and some cause that wtf moment that you get to be amused at later why not share the some of these in a humorous light since there are a few of these in...
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  • Need people for PS3 ORIGINS Easter Egg Zombies

    Need a few people for zombies origins easter egg. Please write your psn id down or send me a request on my psn id -"dhruv1103" I appreciate your help
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  • Is that a real reply from the Devs?

    Wow! I have never seen a reply from the Devs. Questions for Developers: Some valid questions to the Devs. Some responses, both negative and supportive of the post. I also think the thermal site should be returned to ...
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  • does anyone know how to stop these cheaters because im tired of my clan losing to them

    the first one i was playing search  and destroy and this guy hid in a cooler and crate then he had his legs in a wall how is that fair the second one i was playing capture the flag on nuketown and i spawned in f...
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  • Tac 12 needs to be nerfed.

    I'm sure this isn't the first time that this has come up, but holy f***, please nerf the Tac 12. I'm so freaking tired of getting mowed down from 10 feet away by some n00b with a Tac 12. I'm not talking like, huge ner...
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  • looking for a decent clan

    hey whats up guys I'm here looking for a decent clan that is pretty well off in skill. i just want to tryout for a clan that has members that are chill and play often. I'm not the best player in the world or even clos...
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  • Call of Duty's golden days

    This is a message to Activision, Infinity Ward and Treyarch. Sledgehammer games if you want a successful game you will want to take a look at this as well.   below is a video of someone explaining some key point...
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  • what happend to the good ole days of cod

    -when you could just get on and casually play -run into some intellegent life forms and carry on a conversation and meet new people -not get bombarded by haitmail just because you barely play the game and destroy so...
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    im tired of playing with getting in lobbys like this and i try to report them but nothing seems to work so does anyone know how to stopplayers like this from cheating
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  • No Friends with a PS4?

    Looking for people to play with I play any game type, I have a mic, and I play often. Add me:  The_Fulks_Regime
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