• Uninstall Map Packs

    Is this possible ?
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  • Gamebattle anyone?

    Hi I'm from the FeaR clan im looking for a nice game battle around 5 oclock est time zone 2v2 only thanks. ps3 leave psn name both you and your partner.
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  • i need friends who play black ops 2

    so sadly my ghosts disk is messing up( AFTER I BOUGHT THE M,AP PACKS )so ive been playing black ops 2 and since no one i know plays on there i was posting to see who does on ps3 so i can add them. im a chick btw
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  • Quick deaths

    Has anyone else noticed how easily it is to get killed in core game modes. I've been playing ghosts since it came out and it's seems like every time they patch or update the game it gets worse. I when I started playin...
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  • Question for those who escaped with 5 relics

    I wonder to know since you escaped with 5 relics , how do you play now? i mean do you start every new game with 5 relics ? even in random lobbies?
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  • Support Tickets Bugged?

    Are support tickets working? I cant submit a ticket through the support page...
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  • cheaters n hackers

    why cant the makers of ghost stop these hackers n cheaters this game cost a lot of cash its not fair?
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  • Does anyone use Marksmen Rifles, or anything other than an LMG or AR?

    I find MRs to be useless on anything but Scouts in the first section. Snipers are useless too but that's to be expected. I think what makes MRs so worthless at late game is the clip capacity and total ammo capacity. O...
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  • OMG WTF - Super Magic Glitch to Beat Awakening Easily!

    OK so I lied. No glitches here. But now that I've got your attention, let me fill you in on some tips for Awakening.   DO NOT plant the drill first. I repeat, DO NOT. Have one person go and trigger the first rhi...
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  • Girl gamer looking for more girls to play with :3

    Hey I'm Menace! I'm looking for some girls to kick ass with. I play Ghosts and BO2. Go ahead and add Menacex-oChick to play
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  • Looking for a Clan that plays as a team...

    So my friend and  I are looking for a good clan that pplays together as a team and actually have fun. We both own cod ghosts....and are pretty good snipers. We have been playing all sorts of cod from cod 4 for th...
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  • (XBOX One) Pacific Gaming I Level 25 I Diamond Division

    Pacific Gaming   Clan Tag: [PGN] Clan Level: 25 Website: npowned.net     Pacific Gaming is a gaming community with a Level 25 Call of Duty clan that is currently in Diamond Division. We are looking ...
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  • Destiny beta code prob. Help.

    Heya. have pre ordered destiny on xbox one. Tried inputting 7 different beta codes from local retailer but all come back as "already redeemed on another account". Help.
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  • LMG perfect aim achievement?

    Has anyone gotten the LMG perfect aim achievement and if so how did you do it? The only thing i can think of is everyone having a Jug on the other team and standing right behind each other. But this will never happen.
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    We placed in the top 3 in the past two clan wars.  Currently a level 15 with 30 members.   Very friendly clan.  Always accepting new members.  Just apply in the app and you will be accepted   ...
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  • Nerf the CBJ and MK32

    The gun is OP as heck, I managed to get one kill with it at mid range with 4-5 bullets. The gun is too powerful and doesnt deserve AP as an integral attatchment and it should have a major increase in recoil. I hate ge...
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  • new to ps3 looking for people to play with

    I'm a female gamer that is getting use to ps3 I switched from 360. I'm just looking for some cool people to play ghosts with add me lady_vendetta_
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  • Hi, I am looking for a clan to join (PS4)

    Hello, I am looking for a clan to join that love to have fun and win in clan wars. I am from The UK I have a Working Mic My KD is 1.42 I love to have fun and win If i can join a clan the add Me psn name is RPGz_x98x
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  • when I go to play the dlc on my ghost for ps4 the screen blacks out

    When I go to start a game in any downloaded maps the game will black out and I have to close the entire application just to start it back again. I have deleted the game and redownload it all numerous times and all hav...
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  • If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

    If you could choose one superpower, what would it be? No rules, no restrictions at play for the powers either   I personally would chose the power to control time. Fast forward, rewind, stop, and especially slow...
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