• Something is very wrong

    This game seems like its basically completely broken for me, I'm going to list some of the issues I am having and I really want to know if other people are having the same issues.   1. Ballistic vests only work ...
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  • .::The Velocity::. .::Recruiting::.. .::PS3::. .::Sponsored::.

    [Sponsored by Cinch Gaming Controllers] [Platinum Division] [Gold Tags] the-velocity.weebly.com   Introduction   Welcome to The Velocity! We are happy to know you would like to be a member in our clan!...
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  • this gif's for you

    so i enjoy searching and looking at gifs (i blame falcon for showing me how). you guys have posted some really funny ones and one horrible one (hanz i got my on you) so lets see what you got.
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  • Short Jokes For A Quick Laugh

    Q : What did the nut say to the bolt A : Screw me   Two blondes walking down the road , when they find a mirror compact, One opens it an says dang, this girl looks familiar  , the other blonde says, let me...
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  • call of duty ghosts problems

    i think you should decrease the health on the game you at least putting 22 bullets in i think it should be two shot kill and to separate all the good players from the not so good players because it takes the fun out o...
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  • Just how off-topic can we go?

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  • The next COD after AW.

    Although I moan about COD a lot I'm willing to give AW a try because it's a new dev team. However, after this game I really don't know what I'll do. Treyarch really let me down with BO2. The first BO was excellent a...
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  • Unable to purchase apocalypse

    Hi all I am trying to help a friend download apocalypse Dlc for ps3 but it is saying it is unavailable for purchase as he doesn't have the season pass. It has never done this before and you can still purchase the o...
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  • Reported for spawn killing

    I played on pharaoh map, it was TDM or KC dont remember but one guy spawned 2 times in front of me and of course i reacted and killed him and i heard him rage, but this happened 2-3 times more and i heard him talking ...
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  • I purchased 60 diamonds a couple days ago and they still haven't shown up.

    I purchased 60 diamonds a couple days ago and they still haven't shown up.  My card was charged for the purchase, and I can't find any way to contact support.  The email on the Play Store page does an auto-r...
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  • What are you listening to at the moment?

    I've started this thread on every forum I've been apart of, all you have to do is post what you are listening to at the moment. Also if you want to, you can rate the music that the person above you posted.  
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  • Unable to join party

    I can't invite my friend to my party, and he can't invite me too, when we join the invitation, it says "unable to join party" in every mode of the game, extiction, multiplayer , everything ! our Nat type is 2 ! help u...
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  • M9A1 Handgun

    Everytime I decide to equip a sidearm, I usually pay no mind to that M9A1. I think the only reason I don't equip it is because it doesn't seem to have a higher or same firecap as the P226. I know it's balanced, but I ...
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  • I haven't been able to play for a few days

    It keeps saying that the servers are not available and to check the status page here, but the status page says everything is working fine. I also checked the xbox.com status page and it now says it should work. Clearl...
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  • [360 & XB1][US][UK][SPONSORED] HNG - Established Level 25 Competitive Diamond Division Clan Recruiting for GBs, Clan Wars, and Casual Gaming (1.5+K/D) Also Recruiting Experienced Snipers for our Sniper Division

    Watch the overview video first!   WE ARE RECRUITING FOR GHOSTS AND ADVANCED WARFARE!   About us: If your looking for an active, competitive, organized, dedicated, and fun gaming community, then HybridN...
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  • Buh bye Ghosts.....

    COD Ghost,   This is my final thread on this section of the forums for this game, I realized over the weekends clan war that I am officially not having fun with Ghost anymore. Its not a bad game, its just becom...
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  • Diamond invite??!

    FINALLY got to Platinum and won first 2 wars - no invite. Please tell me when we will get this, I am clan commander. Thanks
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  • To the devs: Please give us 1 tooth for each noob we get to escape!

    3 votes
    When the teeth first came out, everyone was out to get as many noobs through as possible. After getting in a lobby with 3 noobs (none had escaped) and getting all to escape, i only got 1 extra tooth for getting a noob...
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  • my stats rank and squad data are all mirroring another profile on my PS3

    I have 3 people that play ghosts on my ps3 two were playing split screen yesterday when they were done i logged in and all the profile stats and data for one kept loading as mine.  Now my cod app is showing all t...
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  • To all soldiers who are in need of a clan

    Ghost Enemy #1 is a  level 25 American PS3 clan that's been together for about 5 months. Our members are very active & most of us play Ghosts daily.   Our clan is made up of gamers from other clans that...
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