• looking for ps3- Gmt based chill clan

    Hi, I'm pretty new to the Clanning aspect and I'm looking for a mature and chill clan to hang out with. Nothing over-competitive, fun first, skill can be thaught.   I have the Ghosts app, you can also add me on...
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  • My Funniest Game Ever

    I honestly don't know where to start with this. I guess from the beginning would be helpful, right?   So, I am searching lobbies for 40 minutes for randoms, and everyone is either using an MK32 or GT, so I decid...
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    Regiment Ex [REGT] is recruiting for the PS4! We have 60+ people spread out all over the globe, with both a winning Diamond Division group, and a Platinum Division war group.  If you are unable to make the small ...
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  • Keep earning those Teeth, you're gonna need them!

    We love our community members and wanted to give you all a very special sneak peek at the new Extinction Armory screen with a few new items that will be arriving in the very near future. 1000 teeth, oh my!!  
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    made a clan looking for memebers to join doesnt matter the k/r but you do need to be active for clan war or im willing to join one as well   MY PSN IS TXS_94 and my K/R is .666 and going up
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    My K/D is a 2.0 im looking for a clan with the same KD or higher...
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  • Acid Army! (PS4)Now recruiting World Wide! Level 24, 18+ Mature Only

    We are acid army, a mature only clan that is based in Australia but now looking for international recruits. We are currently level 24.And now wish to recruit for Advanced Warfare! Please check out our Facebook page un...
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  • Wheres the Next Episode Take Place?

    I can only guess where the location will be but I would love to hear your thoughts. My guess is in a spaceship departing from a destroyed earth. I only say that because as were excaping from Awakening is seems like ev...
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  • Your game is completely unplayable

    Is there a reason that 1 out of every 2 games I play I get booted and then the Error message pops up saying that the servers are down, yet 10 min later I can reconnect and "attempt" to play? I have this game for the 3...
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  • Why are all My map packs gone?

    I downloaded the season pass I dowloaded all the maps and I have been playing for a while a few months later I went onto Xbox and black ops and all my Maps are gone I tried redownloading and it didn't even work some o...
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  • Points?

    How do I get points and what are they for?
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  • Level 22 ps4 wanting to add 4 players

    My online id is aacron_  we are looking to add 4 players. Must have a kd of 1 and all map packs, Mic and must participate in clan wars. Any questions just ask
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  • My PS3 is online, but when I go into multiplayer and select play online, I get an error message. What is going on?

    I have tried unplugging the cord connecting it to the internet and still nothing. I even tried restarting my PS3. I know I can play it online because I was in a game when I got disconnected. Is this problem on my end?
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  • The Official Unofficial Destiny Thread

    I tried making threads on the offical Bungie forum but that forum is hot right now that it's tough getting anything to linger long enough to garner attention. Since there's a good bit of you guys here that play Destin...
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  • Anyone still playing?

    I've gotten a bit tired of Ghosts and went back to MW3 to try and find a few games but I was surprised an disappointed to get none - have people given up on it? I thought given the relative unpopularity of Ghosts peop...
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  • ShadowStrike002 READ!

    Dude! while I was helping my girlfriend complete her 5 relic co-op score, it was only the two of us! remember when you were shocked about me having 210k PoC co-op with 0 relics and no grenade turret... well, I managed...
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  • Hammerbros clan loking 4 new members kdr not important

    Skill level not a important just wana have fun and unlock achievements and win clan wars. Already lev 14 but only 3 members.  Im a average gamer just look to add ppl. Kdr iS not important . Clan name is HAMMERBRO...
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  • Would CoD work using Destiny's Formula?

    As long as we've known CoD... it's been a familiar On-Rails ride. While folks will argue about the quality of the stories as the series as progressed(or regressed depending on who you listen to), we can all agree that...
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  • Where are the dedicated servers!

    where are the damn dedicated servers ?!?! Always getting kicked out of a game because the god damn hosts leaves ? What's up with this dedicated servers that they promised on the xbox one ?
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  • Quick-scope Lobbies

    I think that there should be a game mode or a lobby just for the quick scope snipers who want to challenge themselves. I don't play this way but some people do and that's ok. It is just so unrealistic. I was in the mi...
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