• Reported for spawn killing

    I played on pharaoh map, it was TDM or KC dont remember but one guy spawned 2 times in front of me and of course i reacted and killed him and i heard him rage, but this happened 2-3 times more and i heard him talking ...
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  • call of duty ghosts problems

    i think you should decrease the health on the game you at least putting 22 bullets in i think it should be two shot kill and to separate all the good players from the not so good players because it takes the fun out o...
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  • Unable to join party

    I can't invite my friend to my party, and he can't invite me too, when we join the invitation, it says "unable to join party" in every mode of the game, extiction, multiplayer , everything ! our Nat type is 2 ! help u...
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  • ps4 reaper mafia recruiting

    New clan I started gonna be a great clan gonna level up quick looking for skilled active players on ps4 to join..not gonna be a huge clan just need aboutb12-15 members and we will be set if your interested in joining ...
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  • Diamond division shake up

    Well I see quite a few clans had a rude awakening during this weeks clan wars. I am referring to those that were automatically opted out of diamond division for being inactive (meaning they did not score one cp during...
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    We are looking for gamers who enjoy winning clan wars.  We want gamers that can devote the 4 hours Saturday and Sunday (DIAMOND DIVISION) 7pm to 11pm eastern time. We are LVL 25 MAX with 53 members from all 3 sys...
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  • Mission 6: What’s your favorite starting weapon?

    What’s your favorite starting weapon?
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  • An idea for the next zombies game

    I think in the next zombies game there should be safe-zones. Areas in the map where you can hop in, take a break and not have to worry about dying. Most of you by now are probably thinking, great! there's no chance ...
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  • *****READ Hysteria Gaming Wants You

    About Us   Hysteria Gaming is an up and rising new gaming community. Our number one goal is to build a friendly community of gamers who can connect with each other and have lots of fun. We have plenty to do for ...
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  • xbox one ~(uk squad)~ age 18+

    HOMICIDAL GAMING (3rd place world ranked) is recruiting European members for EU squad!!! we also have Diamond division with multiple wins.we also have a 2000 man community. and also clan war champions homicidal gaming...
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  • HAMMERBROS clan wants u ps4

    Kdr dont matter just want to unlock the achievements and win clan wars.  Already lev 14 but want to unlock red clan tag . Also have fun and play all game modes. Hit me up MIKEAUK is psn name thxz 4 reading
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  • Lvl 25 Diamond Division Clan Recruiting 360

    Level 25 Diamond Division. The clan is technically full, but I would be willing to make room for a players with exceptionally high K/D and high hours played (minimum 150 hours). Must be loyal, please do not w...
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  • Where's the marketing for AW?

    Is it just me or does the marketing for AW seem a bit AWOL?   I suspect MP will be teased if not revealed on 7/24... #hammertime... but it just seems...   ... peculiar.
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  • DD Points Awarded Incorrect

    Anyone else notice the points awarded for the Leaderboard weren't what was expected after the boaard updated yesterday?   Before the last war we "ODGamingHQ" were 142nd with 498 points   We won the last wa...
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  • Mission 3: Which game mode do you prefer?

    We value your input. Just let us know what you think and earn 125 points.
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  • Mob of the dead Freeze Error Ps3

    I´m Having Issues with Mob of the dead since day 1 , every time i tried to play it it freezes at the beggining of the intro video, i alredy tried to erase the game data and redownload the DLC and the issue conti...
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  • The Official Unofficial Destiny Thread

    I tried making threads on the offical Bungie forum but that forum is hot right now that it's tough getting anything to linger long enough to garner attention. Since there's a good bit of you guys here that play Destin...
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  • DLC Purchased but never appeared

    I ordered the extra load outs, The ripper DLC, and the wolf skin. The wolf skin came but the Loadouts and Ripper never appeared. Any help???
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  • 2.0 Kd Recruit Me Swizzel_Blades

    Looking to join a ps3 ghost clan USA based. Main account got hacked looking for my new account Swizzel_Blades
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  • Porque o inteligencia acionável não libera?

    Há um desafio no Black Ops II, o inteligência acionável ou em inglês actionable intel, que pede para matar 100 pessoas com o VANT ligado, mas ele ja data como estando no estágio III, m...
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