• what a gif

    i wanna know dont tell me same as video cause i know its not vcceause gifs dontg load vvidseos do and if you think gif and videos are the same then why you gotta load videos and not gifs its not ok so just tell me wha...
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  • Questions for Developers:

    Questions for Developers:   - Why is there no weapon challenge for Launchers?   - Why is there no weapon challenge for Marksman Rifles?   - Why did you give the grenade turret its power back, yet the...
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  • The amount of stuff this game has ripped off is ridiculous.

    Let's start with the games it's ripped off: Doom, Quake, MOH, Crysis, Call Of Duty, TitanFall, BF, that game with all the pew pew guns and grenades. And the films it's stolen ideas from! Christ above! We have: Comman...
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  • Invasion

    This is hands down the WORST map pack in Call of Duty history, it sucks more then the cubs.... This map pack sucks penis!!!!!!!
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  • knifing glitch

    Knifing is pjissing me off and its not the panic Knifers looking like they're just trying to hug you.   I've noticed a lot that they can be no where near you but some how once they hit r3, your dead. It kinda lo...
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  • Starting Up Clan (Xbox360)

    Hello Guys its Your boy MontanaTheGod And im Looking To Start up a COD Clan For The Xbox360 Called ''oWARZ'' our Goals will be to be one of The Most Feared Clans on COD Ghost . I Need Good  Players And Pros ( Gam...
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  • what happend to the good ole days of cod

    -when you could just get on and casually play -run into some intellegent life forms and carry on a conversation and meet new people -not get bombarded by haitmail just because you barely play the game and destroy so...
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  • bonjour voila mon probleme et que quand je me suis inscrit sur se sit je pouvais voir mon clan et les guerre de clan que j ai sur ghosts pc et maintenant je le voi plus sur votre sit ???

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  • [PS4] [PS3] Level 25 Clan WickedGuerillas building numbers for Advanced Warfare***** Open Recruitment*****

    Through the scope of your rifle you see the sweat beading on his forehead. His pupils are dilated, darting from side to side. Fear is in his eyes. As your finger eases on the trigger, the mechanism moving ever closer ...
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  • any 1 who else exited for cod advanced warfar

    so im starting this with im relly exited for this it looks so cool with all the suits and future weapons and i hope they make price come back cause that would be cool cod advaned warfar is going to be the best cod yet...
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  • A death, by any means, is a death.  What's the big deal?

    For some reason many players think getting kills with explosives is cheap and takes no skill and they refuse to use them?  Screw that notion.   Many players are very disciplined in what weapons they will an...
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  • Domination idea:  Flag respawn locations.

    3 votes
    I always keep hearing about how Domination is used to trap players in their spawn ie only capturing A+B or C+B.  Well, what if after every minute or two, all three flags will disappear and reappear in different l...
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  • Clan Recruiting for 360/One

    Hello I am recruiting. I was content with a smaller clan for once but i want to get some more members now.  There is 2 online every single night for 6-8 hours. We are clan level 15 and steadily winning clan wars....
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  • Fazed and Dazed all ps4 clan looking for very active good players

    FzDz Fazed and Dazed lvl 11 33 members all ps4. Looking for very active ps4 players with KD at least at clan KD 1.21 or above. Must be active during clan wars or will be cut, must have app for CW & cod acct. Be wi...
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  • Mission 4: What will you spend your COD Points on first?

    What will you spend your COD Points on first?
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  • cheaters n hackers

    why cant the makers of ghost stop these hackers n cheaters this game cost a lot of cash its not fair?
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  • Avengers Alliance on FB

    Hello all thought I would start a discussion about my new favorite game. Would have thought Hawk would put this one up but since he didn't I am going to do it. Hopefully this will be a place we can discuss the game, f...
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  • Tac 12 needs to be nerfed.

    I'm sure this isn't the first time that this has come up, but holy f***, please nerf the Tac 12. I'm so freaking tired of getting mowed down from 10 feet away by some n00b with a Tac 12. I'm not talking like, huge ner...
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  • So where are the players?

    I don't get it, all the hype for the Ghost's release last year and there's hardly anyone playing! I can log into BO2 anytime and find more than 2x the number of players as Ghosts. I even logged into MW2, yes "2", a co...
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  • I Need A 360 Clan

    My KDR: 1.602 Preferred weapon: Maverick Prestige:10 20342 Xp To Be MAX level     I Need An Active Cozy Clan
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