• BHL Gaming Wins 2014 “Best Clan Website ” presented by Clan Nation

    BHL Gaming Wins 2014 “Best Clan Website ” presented by Clan Nation   Checkout why BHL Gaming was selected The 2014 Best Clan Website by Clan Nation. BHL Gaming is a TOP Tier Call of Duty Clan with ...
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  • Announcer Pack

    4 votes
    With the new announcer pack, maybe we could get the voice pack from another announcer from past CoD (IW) For example: Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Voice Pack -SAS Voice Pack ( Include SAS announcer from Call of D...
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  • [Level 23 clan] [289-1 clan battle record] [XBOX 360 only] [USA based clan] looking for recruits

    Biography: GBG clan is looking for recruits on COD: Ghosts. With humble beginnings as an army of two on Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 in 2008, GBG rapidly became the most dominant team in the game's history. Reco...
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  • Come join KSI Global!

    Hey its KSI Magenta, letting all you gamers out there know we are always looking to recruit and add some new gamers to our family.. If you are interested, please message me(KSI Magenta) with your age. Unfortunately, o...
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  • Clan with gold clan tag recruiting! ANYONE! PS4

    If you are looking for a clan to join, and you want one with gold clan tag, this is the one to join! We have ps3 and ps4 members and we have 30 members already, reaching level 11 in less then two weeks! If you are int...
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  • clan

    looking for clan ps4
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  • CraZyF3aR search PS4 players

    Hello, first... Sorry for my English but I from Belgium and I don't speak a good English....   We search PS4 players for the "Clan War". We play for the fun but it's more fun when you win, no? I'm 21 years old. ...
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    DOM deo optimo maximo www.dom-clan.org established November, 2012     We are now looking for more QUALITY gamers for our already successful and active community. If you are looking to play with other gamers ...
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  • Need a clan to join..(PS3)

    PSN; al3xra12345 K.D: 1.16   Just need a clan that wants to have fun and win as well, tired of playing with noobs and have to carry the whole team hehe
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  • Classic Ghost Multiplayer Character & Hardened edition patch & background

    Hello,   I had the classic ghost character and the hardened edition patch and background on my ps3 but sinds I have my ps4 the items doesn't show up in the game. I have also tried to re-download it in the ps sto...
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  • My COD Ghosts account been reset..

    I'm not a hacker. I'm played legit 28 days in game.. My account was max prestige and level obviously. I have no idea what happen. Last time I played around 6am PDT and when I logged in around 4pm PDT my current level ...
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  • Sound perks

    How do you feel about sound perks? Should things stay the same? Should DS and Amplify cancel each other out so players meet perkless?
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  • Quickscoping Unfair advantage (QS)

    6 votes
    Quick scoping is not realistic. How is it possible for someone to shoot you when you are running around and they are moving at they same time you are. Then get a one hit kill. I understand its a game but the problem I...
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  • I need good clan

    I need clan i am level 33 online pretty descent player and i would like to play clan wars. in game name is: ELITES-NIGHTMARE        all caps
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  • Mosh Pit in Clan Wars?

    How are you as a clan supposed to make a concentrated effort to capture a node like KC, Blitz etc., when you always get different game modes, due to them all being thrown into Mosh Pit?   Stupid decision, if pla...
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  • this is for the company

    i was playing gun game online with my friend. and then we saw a hacker here is his gamertag: Sadiku and here is what he was doing: 1. shooting at walls and killing players   2. whenever a player gets near him,...
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  • TwRk Clan Recruiting

    Hi, we are the TwRk Clan and we are recruiting snipers/trickshoters. if you would like to join add TwRk_ScOpEs on psn.   Good Luck.   TwRk_ScOpEs
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  • CoD Ghosts Crash error

    I bought CoD Ghosts to play with a friend but everytime i start it the game freezes and crashes and if i want to open it again i get this pop-up : http://puu.sh/8bgDB.png | if someone knows what this problem is i hope...
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  • Mtar X nerfed? SERIOUSLY

    I know it's just the headshot multiplier but what the ****? the gun was perfectly balnced as it was. so they not just decide to give all the smg's a buff but nerf the mtar? seriously infinity ward? they always listen ...
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  • why do wiimote players take extra damage?

    an honest question, its happening time and time again.not just me. watched my girlfriend put 4 rounds into a wiimote user with mr28, a 3 hit kill gun, at close range and she looked puzzled, even said "i stopped shooti...
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