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    Pay for it, they make 10's of millions of dollars every year from live. There is no way they will just give that away for free.
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    GroovyG0D wrote:


    Fellow COD fans love to play CODWaW online without having to pay? Well guess what we can make this happen if we all gather together and prove to the Microsoft community that they have enough money, and they have no right to charge us to play online. I mean what do they have to lose by letting us play games online. By not letting us play for free they are just losing customers. I don't really care about paying for anything else, but Xbox Live. I bought 1 month live then i wanted to remove my subscription but where am I able to find a cancel button? This is a scam and I want you to rejoice with me join forces and vote on:
    Yes we should pay for Xbox Live
    No we shouldn't pay for Xbox Live

    After the 18th next month if i have votes i will send this as a link to Microsoft and there is a chance of playing free Xbox live
    Thank You for your cooperation,

    nah your stupid i dont care if i pay or not. if we pay they can increase the quality of xbox live. if we dont its would be poor quality and map packs would cost alot more.
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    Liam The Moose wrote:


    no you get what u pay for..

    and who cant afford 80 bucks a year?

    Where are YOU shopping?!?! I can pay $40 for a year, damn, you're gettin jyped.
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    I don't own a 360 yet but I hear that Live's service is good.

    Is this true? Or does it always lag like **** when playing online games?
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    I think paying for xbox live is fair, however, I don't agree with having to pay extra $$$ a month for certain games ie. Final fantasy XII, phantasy star universe etc etc...
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    ye... free = mo'better
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    T0TAL Killjoy
    ps3 network is free and its good ive never been disconnected mid match unless the host leaves,pluss they can get online for free too.......microsoft should at least give us that too since we are actually paying
    i hate ps3 though my brother has one
    360 for the win
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    I say pay, well worth the little bit of cash, and I will also pay when they come out with the premium gold membership soon or whatever they will call it. It is gonna cost more, but it will be worth it. Also read an article that said Microsoft had 17 million paying live members in jan '09.
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    Scotty Dont1134
    YES, it should be free.
    NO F@#$ING WAY is it going to happen.
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