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Some pointers!

Auburn CE
I only play HC TDM but when I do venture into other game modes, what does a noob need to look for?  Example, when playing HC, should I just kill people or try and go for the objectives?  Same with search, etc.  Thanks.
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    In Search the best thing you can do is kill as many people as you can. 50 points per kill = great xp. I've found way more matches end with the other team being dead than the bomb being planted. With that being said you should try and plant the bomb as well if you can.
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    Well, if you are talking about search.  You need to be constantly checking for enemies while moving towards the bomb point.  Most rounds are won because you eliminate the enemy team but you can sometimes plant the bomb and have it blow up.  Less likely but is possible.  Before the bomb is planted, the defenders have the advantage of the time running out.  Once it has been planted, the roles are reversed and the attackers have the advantage so you want to plant the bomb as soon as it is safe.  Dont waste time going for kills
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    I play headquarters 90% of the time. Obviously the point of it is to capture the headquarters. You can get more XP points then anybody on your team even if you dont kill anybody. So it depends on what your playing for. I play for the win, not the kills as you can see my k/d% is crap. I die 50% of the time sitting in front of the headquarters but i still get 15-20 points just for doing that. thats equal to 3-4 kills. I get bothered when i capture the headquarters and die just to see my other team mates on the other side of the map hiding behind a barrel. If you want kills, stick to TDM.