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Officially no longer caring about K/D! :O

So a bunch of AI members (Kronos, Ninji, Moldy, and occasionally cookies :P) were talking this morning, and Ninji prompted me to a cod revelation: not caring about K/D. For the past few weeks, I've been focusing on raising my kdr so much that I'd get frustrated if I didn't get over 2.5kd in a game, and it made game a chore; I still had a lot of fun playing, but it just wasn't as much fun. Today, however, after Ninji was like "I don't care about my k/d anymore", I decided that I was going to try playing without giving a rat's a$$ about k/d, and it was soooo much fun. Kronos and I went sniper's only on any map we were in, and it was amazing

Soooo yeah, this is probably an old-news realization for a lot of you, but I just realized how much more fun it is to play without caring about k/d so I thought I'd let everyone know :p. From now on, I'm just gonna mess around all the time and have a great time doing it ^^

EDIT: Speaking of sniper games, gg's to BMF Murder :p thanks for playing along