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  • 40. Blind eye and Assassin perks

    It's balanced, you have zero combat/offensive edge running full "ninja."  I reload faster with SoH, I ADS faster with Quickdraw, and my bullet spray from the hip is smaller with Steady Aim.  All you have done is voided my Killstreaks, but I also have a gun that I can shoot bullets with and those bullets can kill you and my "gunslinger" setup will most likely do that faster, then your "ninja" class.

  • 42. Blind eye and Assassin perks

    Immune to everything? That's a bit of a stretch, isn't it?


    Stealth perks don't make you immune to being shot in the face, which leads to my next point. A very significant problem with the direction the COD series has taken is that suddenly the streaks are what really define the experience. Ghost was only a strong perk because everyone absolutely NEEDED their streaks to get work done. Look back at COD4 for comparison. No one ever really needed their airstrikes and gunships to do anything, they were just the icing on the cake. If COD4's UAV jammer perk also reduced your chances of being shot at by the helicopters, would anyone have complained?


    My honest suggestion (which I know is going to fall on deaf ears, but bear with me anyway) is to start with the streak system and downsize it bigtime. I really think that the system would be better if every player can only equip one attack-capable streak at a time. Less streak spam overall, fewer simultaneous streaks, more use of streaks as support tools.


    If that were the case, suddenly it wouldn't be a big deal whether or not enemies have perks to help them avoid streaks. If the system depends more on the guys on the ground than it does the birds in the air then stealthy classes will have their proper downside against more forthright combat classes.

  • 43. Re: Blind eye and Assassin perks

    immune to air and ground surveilance completely is overpowered and when something is overpowerd, everyone is going to use it. Me personally never start off a game with ghost or cold blooded unless i snipe, anonimity as a sniper is a first, but everything else i start off with something else and then change according to the players. I am personally tired of switching to my least favorite classes in order to adjust to other players who can't play without ghost or cold blooded. in my opinion, stealth classes need to be less popular and not available until later in the ranks/prestige.

  • 44. Re: Blind eye and Assassin perks

    If they bring back stopping power and juggernaut nobody would use assasin only a few and that would keep it fast paced.

  • 45. Blind eye and Assassin perks

    I dont think people realize how epic it will be to have killstreaks not only take 1 less kill to achieve, but having 2 assists count towards that streak. Hardline Pro FTW. And Blast Shield Pro FTW. Those are my choices for Tier 2.

  • 46. Blind eye and Assassin perks

    You're joking, right?


    Killstreaks running amok, explosive spam aplenty, poorly designed recoilless automatics, and compared to things like that keeping off radar is overpowered? Whatever happened to just using your eyes to find targets?


    Granted that lately the map design and spawn system have been muddling the linearity of the maps further and further, but that too is a point that would need to be addressed either way. I too believe that part of the problem for aggressive players is that you simply can't make a push. But let's stop to examine why that is.


    Most of it is because the maps aren't anywhere remotely linear. Teams are constantly migrating around and often both sides spawn around one another in a completely random fashion. Believe it or not this was even more an issue in Black Ops than it was in MW2. You aren't getting ambushed because the magic stealth perks allow these guys to just pop out of the woodwork, you're getting ambushed because the bad guys are spawning right into ambush positions. Combine that with the amount of superfluous streaks and its no wonder why normal aggressive classes can't afford to stick their neck out.


    You want a real solution to this? Cut down the amount of lethal killstreaks. The devs said they want to bring back the gun on gun gameplay, but honestly I don't trust them to do it unless someone forces them to. Less killstreaks means that players without stealth perks can afford to make a move in the open. Next, look at map design. Good maps aren't dolled up with unnecessary clutter and visual obstruction. They also shouldn't be amorphous blobs. A workable map needs sides to it, and players spawning on either side need to collect at a focal point in the center. If its more obvious where your side is, where you're going, and where the bad guys are coming from, who needs radar to find targets?

  • 47. Blind eye and Assassin perks

    I was a hardcore player i usually used ghost so I don't think assassin and blind eye are gonna b bad in the hc community but a core players worst nightmare at times

  • 48. Re: Blind eye and Assassin perks

    neoreaper wrote:


    cold blooded never got used in CORE mw2 simply because of stopping power.


    Fixed your post... it was used 90% of the time in HC.

  • 49. Re: Blind eye and Assassin perks

    Counter UAV and Advanced UAV should effect all players. Neither perk should stop that.

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