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Do you make good threads?

Good question, do you? Let's answer this question from a mathematical perspective. Basically go to your community stats and post your thread count and the number of 5 star threads. Then using your Genus heads or the calculator on your computer, find out the percentage of your top threads.

Threads: 100
5-star Threads: 67
Percentage of Excellence: 67%

Edit April 2010- Let's see how you guys have changed. Go ahead and post what is your current amounts.
Threads: 112
5-star Threads: 30
Percentage of Excellence: 27%

I forgot to add, if you are "too afraid to post your results" and you happen to post on this thread, I shall post your info regardless.

EDIT: Don't post here. Let this thread go hang out with the other threads that are piling up in dust. Thanks.
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