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    Byzantine Bomb
    You should post more Dyno, we don't see much of you anymore. Or at least I don't.
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    sorry, i've pretty much quit on MW2 or any Live game until the Reach Beta comes out on the 3rd. the bs in MW2 just got to me.
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    Byzantine Bomb
    When I'm fed up with that crap, I got play a TBS like Civilization 3.
    I can play at my own pace and although the ocasional bullsh*try happens, it is all made up for when I mercilessly squash my rival nations.
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    lol very nice sir bomb. hey, if you want, i may be playing halo 3 with stab tonight around 11 Central. join if you can make it.
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    Juggernaut should be brought back if they insist on putting in stopping power.  As much as people love to hate juggernaut, jugs is my antidote for fools campingwith stopping power on.  The best solution would be to take them both out to emphasize the other perks, but if treyarch wants to be dumb and put in either one, include the other so as to not promote just one style of gameplay.
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    ScO Hi11Bi11y 2.0 wrote:


    hqWeedEater wrote:


    One more Con IMO is the lack of semi-auto weapons. I know you said unable to select fire rate but that would, in ways, throw off any balance they were trying to obtain with full auto vs burst vs singe file. So yeah I would like to have some semi-autos. I don't really think this will be an issue in the upcoming CoD considering the war it takes place around.

    yes well prolly see a return of guns like the SVT. seeing as its the Cold War erra they are dealing with.... right? so that means from like Korea to Vietnam as far as fighting goes... does that mean we'll see a mix of WWII erra guns and more modern guns like the M16?! that would be shweeettt.

    You are correct, and Indeed it WILL be Sweet, This game will blow modern suckfest out of the water, but only if it takes almost nothing from the game. Why would you want to pull things from such a horrible game? I like a few things, but It would be in the best interest of us all if Trayarch didn't bring anything from that horrible game.
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    I believe Joe is the lowest ranked.
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    Kotakid91 wrote:


    I believe Joe is the lowest ranked.

    Are you sure, I got him to the rank of Sergeant!
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    Byzantine Bomb
    Nope, he is the lowest.
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    ehh, i'm close enough.