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map pack 4?

Should call of duty World at war make another map pack since alot of people are still playing it and getting board of the other ones
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    Well, right now the main focus is on CoD:BO, the whole studio infact is working on it. This leaves little time to focus on WaW as it is already 1 1/2 years old. So in a common sense, no, there will not be another map pack. If your bored of the maps on consoles though pick up a copy of WaW for the PC; theres loads of custom maps to enjoy!
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    Lately i have been watching alot of youtube videos that suggest that a 4th map pack for nazi zombies might come out and it might be at area 51 in the US. I hope that a new map pack does come soon, I wish in a new zombie map that when you and your team get to a high level (like level 50) that you can go out side and a tank that u all go on (1 driver, 1 turret gunner, and two other players that can sit on the back and shoot at zombies/slightly repair the tank) It would have to be a large map but it would be alot of fun. If they do make another map pack for zombies I just wish that when you get a weapon that has a bipod that you can actually use the bipod, I hate how u cant do that. Well thanks if u read this and I think that We the Gamers should make it very clear to the Treyarch Team that a new map pack would be great