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Reasons why the co-op mode could be Zombies

1. Treyarch LOVES zombies, and I'm sure they want the mode included in the game just as bad as the rest of us do.
2. WaW sold over 6 million DLC downloads, which all included zombie maps. Now we all know the only thing Activision cares about is money, and I'm sure they highly supported including the zombie mode with the future possibility of DLC for it.
3. The community LOVES playing zombies. To this day i still hold off in Nazi Zombies, it never gets old! Our community wants this feature in, and Treyarch listens to what their community wants.
4. If it wasn't included people would be highly upset, including myself. Treyarch is my favorite developer and most of that reason is because of the fact that zombies was put in WaW. I would never forgive Treyarch if zombies wasn't in Black Ops and neither would any of the community lol.
5. Activision/Treyarch would lose $$$$$$$. People are getting tired of the same old CoD, and some will only buy Black Ops if it has zombies. If it doesn't, that's a very big loss of $$$$.
6. People won't buy as much DLC if it isnt included. The sole purpose i bought the WaW DLC was for zombies, and many other people like me!
7. The zombie story never ended! In Der Riese, the story had no conclusion, which leads me to suspect that Treyarch will pick up the story somewhere!
8. Why would a guy that recorded zombie voices in WaW be recording voices again? (rumored)
Thank you for reading this everyone, and hopefully Treyarch. And i hope we will see zombies in Black Ops
9. Treyarch has not announced any special edition for any platform at the present time...Could this mean that the contents included deal with zombies/ the co-op mode that we dont know about? I think so...
10. If the co-op game mode was something that the community didn't like, Treyarch would have told us what it was from the beginning. Meaning if it wasn't zombies they would tell us it wasn't zombies and what exactly the mode is. They didn't tell us yet because they want to kepp up the suspense so when they reveal it, people will be suprised. Example: IW told us from the beginning about Spec Ops because they had no reason to keep up the suspense since it wasn't zombies.
11. Treyarch has been very quiet recently, which means they are preparing for a big announcement about Black Ops. Remember when they did the same thing with the map packs? After about a month of silence they would just comeout of the blue with a map pack announcement.
12. Treyarch has already stated that the WaW zombie maps will exist in Black Ops as callback maps (w/prestige and hardened editions) why would they take the time to record voices, create the maps and game mode, and do it all over again to have another co-op mode? It seems highly unlikely now that the co-op mode is not some form of zombies. Also, from various interviews it seems that there is ONE co-op mode in Black Ops, not multiple.
13. If the co-op mode isn't zombies, Treyarch will be known for the biggest letdown in gaming history and will be criticized beyond belief for the rest of eternity.
14.Why in the original screenshot before we knew about the callback maps of Frank Woods' tatoo say "SOG TOUGH" and in the most recent sreen it states simply "115" could it be related to zombies? We'll have to see
15. It has been confirmed that the zombies are no longer "Nazi" zombies, so that means that they changed the type of zombie to accomidate the story, so they could be vietcong zombies or soviet zombies, something along those lines. With Treyarch making a move like that, it makes me feel as if they did it for the co-op mode as well, so it can fit with the time period.
16. The co-op mode is 4 players online and 2 players splitscreen, just like WaW Zombies.