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    Well I didn't want to really elaborate to much on those considering either version of the perks are perfectly suitable and I figured I'd leave that to Treyarch, but since it is requested of me I will update my post.
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    Necrodox wrote:


    Well I didn't want to really elaborate to much on those considering either version of the perks are perfectly suitable and I figured I'd leave that to Treyarch, but since it is requested of me I will update my post.

    Thanks. I personally do not want the MW2 version of those Perks, but I'm curious as what others want.
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    Pwnage19 wrote:


    Necrodox wrote:


    Well I didn't want to really elaborate to much on those considering either version of the perks are perfectly suitable and I figured I'd leave that to Treyarch, but since it is requested of me I will update my post.

    Thanks. I personally do not want the MW2 version of those Perks, but I'm curious as what others want.

    I'm actually in a bit of a rush at the moment so I simply gave the gist of the situation, I don't exactly fancy the style of these forums making accurate typing rather difficult but I will revise my post once again in a more organized fashion for better understanding and I will repost it later tonight.

    Apologizes for the mass of reposts, I'll be sure to make it the final this time.
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    I myself am a competitive gamer and have high hopes for this game, MW2 let me down miserably with the unbelievably "noob" friendly (if you will) system that simply rewarded players for doing bad, while I don't mind a little help IW simply overdid it with deathstreaks and ridiculous attachment that in the end resulted in the complete and utter hatred of the game amongst MANY die hard CoD fans, including myself.

    I speak from a competitive standpoint aswell as a casual gamer, the perks highlighted are the perks I believe should be removed and those NOT highlighted should stay, many hours of multiplayer on CoD2, CoD4, WaW, and MW2 (along with many hours of competitive gaming via tournaments exploring many different rulesets and have seen the true potential of some of these attachments and additions that may seem "cool" but in the right hands, can ultimately spoil a game for many) give me the insight I need to accurately pinpoint the flaws within the perks system.

    I hope this helps!

    Vahn wrote:



    Perk Set #1

    * Special Grenades X 3 Allow the grenades and such to stick with MW2's system of ONE primary grenade, and TWO secondary grenades of your choice (excluding the smoke of course).

        * Satchel Charge X 2

        * M9A1 Bazooka X 2

        * Bomb Squad

        * Bouncing Betty X 2 The fact that these detonate on a 360 degree trigger type makes them an unbelievably powerful asset that has been proven overpowered in WaW; claymores are a far more balanced choice.

        * Bandolier Please refer to Scavenger/Pro below!

        * Primary Grenades X 2 Grenade spamming was a serious problem in CoD4, and even with the one less flag introduced by WaW the grenades still posed a major nuisance.

        * M2 Flamethrower

    Perk Set #2

        * Stopping Power Please refer to Stopping Power/Pro below!

        * Fireworks Please refer to Danger Close/Pro below!

        * Flak Jacket

        * Gas Mask

        * Juggernaut Remove this perk completely, as if sniping wasn't rendered useless enough this perk tends to take it to a whole other level, snipers throughout the series have been less effective (console-wise) due to the UNBELIEVABLE disadvantage provided when using them (the spree of hit markers).

        * Camouflage Please refer to Cold Blooded/Pro below!

        * Sleight of Hand Please refer to Sleight of Hand/Pro below!

        * Shades

        * Double Tap

        * Overkill

    Perk Set #3

        * Deep Impact I enjoyed the idea of FMJ which added much character in terms of customization and availability.

       * Extreme Conditioning Please refer to Marathon Pro below!

        * Toss Back

        * Second Chance Unbelievably overpowered perk back in WaW, teams would simply set up camp in the back of a spawn and allow their teammates to constantly revive them when downed, while the player can eventually break through this little trick it simply spoils the fun and adds to the frustration of the situation.

        * Martyrdom Need I explain? This perk has been proven a SERIOUS nuisance since CoD4 and an overpowered one on CQC maps; people tend to simply abuse this perk when presented with  CQC-based map, ultimately making the map complete and utter hell.

        * Fireproof Personally I find this perk to be a complete waste of space considering no one really cares for defense when it comes to a flamethrower, what are the chances really?

        * Dead Silence I will explain my reasoning later down on "Ninja Pro".

        * Iron Lungs

        * Reconnaissance


    Perk Set 1

        * Marathon | Marathon Pro Extreme conditioning was a hefty perk, however a useless one at that, the very few extra seconds you got out of it were hardly of use when playing.

        * Sleight of Hand | Sleight of Hand Pro This is by far one of my favorite perks which added alot of character to the series, fast reloading, and fast sight; combination for disaster when it came to taking out enemies making it ideal for set "Slayers", who are players that focus more on defending the "Objective"/"OBJ Player", Marathon Pro and SoH Pro go hand and hand which really enhance the player vs player experience in the game given the custom-ability.

        * Scavenger | Scavenger Pro The whole concept of picking up extra ammo as you go is wonderful, people were given set magazines in CoD4 and the only way you could pick up ammo for your gun is if you found the same gun on the ground, the same style will apply to those WITHOUT Scavenger while those with it have no advantage in physical speed (Marathon Pro) or swiftness (Sleight of Hand Pro), but you are a human armory that can stockpile ammo as you run through your enemies and reward yourself with their ammunition.

    Marathon, Scavenger, and Sleight of Hand pro, three perks that were revolutionized by IW and added so much character to the series it makes me and many other gamers happy, given their abilities I say they each of their obvious advantages and disadvantage and given the circumstances there isn't a particular one of the three that is better than the other like the age old question "stopping power or juggernaut?".

       * Bling | Bling Pro In terms of MW2, REMOVE IT! However, I do not know exactly what type of attachments will be featured in black ops so I will highlight it for now because I'm making this decision solely based off of my experience with the perk in MW2, if insight is provided in regards to the attachments in Black Ops I will graciously update my opinion on the matter.
       * One Man Army | One Man Army Pro Not exactly a bad perk, executed very poorly by IW, if left as is; remove it, altercations are need to appropriately execute this perk in a balanced fashion.

    Perk Slot 2

        * Stopping Power | Stopping Power Pro
       * Lightweight | Lightweight Pro You'd normally think "wow why ligthweight?!", well in conjunction with marathon this combinations of perks his the destroyer in CTF games and other gametypes, it almost spoils it; unless the maps are lain out in a way where lightweight can't possibly guarantee a clean getaway I suggest removing this perk.

        * Hardline | Hardline Pro We don't need a perk that encourages players to hide back expecting a killstreak to be achieved sooner, this simply encourages a "killstreak whore" who tends to neglect the actual objective and sit by picking off players and hiding, screwing his team over essentially.

        * Cold-Blooded | Cold-Blooded Pro The main purpose of this perk is to stay hidden of radar support, added bonuses unlocked when achieving the "pro" version of the perk are added benefits that add to the tactical edge in the game and give an excuse for serious caution.

        * Danger Close | Danger Close Pro Explosives are powerful enough, enhancing something such as explosives is almost ridiculous if you come to think of it, with such a perkset people mainly abused explosives like bazookas and satchel charges, simply demolishing the 1st person shooter aspect of the game (which I like to preserve, and Treyarch as a developer of this first person shooter I would hope they have the same mindset).

    Perk Slot 3

        * Commando | Commando Pro A perk in resemblance to Martyrdom, need I explain myself? As if knifing wasn't easy enough, allow players to do the impossible by teleporting to your enemy with a knife lodged in their brain!

        * Steady Aim | Steady Aim Pro

        * Scrambler | Scrambler Pro

        * Ninja | Ninja Pro Earlier in this post I chose to remove "dead silence", let me elaborate, I like the concept of pro perks and Ninja along with Pro are wonderful, I do not expect there to be "heartbeat sensors" in Black Ops as there was in MW2 so a new use for the first ninja could be found or simply leave the whole perk at Ninja Pro (aka; Dead silence).

        * SitRep | SitRep Pro

        * Last Stand | Last Stand Pro This perk ruins the gunfight aspect of the game, you unload the required amount of bullets to kill an individual; but oh WAIT, last stand allows him to FALL a couple feet below your reticle with a quick second of invincibility and his gun ready pointed at you! In a skilled players hands you can't even defend yourself because as he is falling down he has more than enough time to drop his enemy.

    Which of these need to go? (A lot of people seem to dislike Commando Pro, but did you also dislike the Bayonet from World at War, which had similar game play?)

    Bayonet was NO where near as bad as commando pro, commando pro could be applied to things such as the tactical knife which allowed for swift and unimaginable distance kills. The bayonet had a perfect time set to allowed for counter rather than rendering a player helpless like commando pro does.

    David 'Vahn' Vonderhaar

    This is my final revision of my previous post, I, yet again apologizes for the mass of reposts and I hope this helps Treyarch when it comes down to choose a strong perk system that will prosper within the next Call of Duty installment "Black Ops!".

    Best of luck to Treyarch and happy gaming, I will be looking forward to the beta hah.

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    i really like the W@W set up over the mw2 i dont like the combined perks but i like leveling them up
  • 185. Re: Perks, min. number requirement?
    Same here, I like leveling them up too.
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    I also liked leveling them up, they were like challenges worth doing. And I also didn't mind the fact that it was 2 perks in one.
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    I chose the second option because I really feel you should TRY to put a lot of perks in. A wide variety makes the game interesting, and allows for me to try new gameplay tactics as I start to get bored. HOWEVER, overpowered and balanced perks in just to increase the numbers.

    If anything, you should put in some perks that aren't very good to raise the numbers. This would add variety, but it wouldn't unbalance the game, because most people wouldn't use them. But overall the number of perks aren't nearly as important as how well you balance them.
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    With your perks you could take it to the next level by adding a system that explains how they do there job for instance "light weight" Increases speed by using a light weight vest thus decreasing your health. or simple the information like the Claymore,

    The M18A1 Claymore is a directional anti-personnel mine used by the U.S. military. It was named after the large Scottish sword by its inventor, Norman A. MacLeod. The Claymore fires shrapnel, in the form of steel balls, out to about 100 meters within a 60° arc in front of the device. It is used primarily in ambushes and as an anti-infiltration device against enemy infantry. It is also of some use against unarmored vehicles.

    Just some thoughts but when i buy Call of Duty Black Ops it would be nice to have some information on the perks.
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    Get rid of One many army, scavenger (bandolier was fine). Get rid of lightweight/lightweight pro.
    Commando pro. All the other perks have always been a part of the game so they can stay.
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