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  • 210. Re: Perks, min. number requirement?
    I want COD 4 Tier 1 perks, except Bomb Squad, in the game and Last Stand & Martyrdom perks added too. No Pro please.
  • 211. Re: Perks, min. number requirement?
    Shades as a perk really was pointless and a waste of a perk, EVERYONE hates commando I did like the no falling damage part of it though. As for the bayonet I feel that it was ok in waw as it took up a equipmant slot on the weapon and its much fairer, also seems slower and you have enough time to react.

    I hate jugg, if its in the game you have to either use it or stopping power which in turn makes all the other perks redundant and that for me is not fun as I want to be able to use other perks.
    Another big issue with jugg for me is lag. I know people say that its neede to counter stopping power but I never felt it was that much of an issue and I never use stopping power in mw2 at all.

    Cold blooded pro is a great idea, especially for hardcore as you really do have to think about what you are doing.

    Double tap really should be another attachment like in MW2's rapid fire.

    Bling is great.

    OMA needs to go or atleast make it so if you change class, no tubes will be replenished but anti aircraft weapons should be able to be used.

    Off topic Can we PLEASE HAVE THE 5 SECOND NOOB TUBE DELAY at the start of search again.
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    remove stopping power and juggernaut they caused weapon imbalance.
    in cod4 it was M16 WITH stopping power that caused its overpowerment and in waw it was MP40 WITH juggernaut that caused that overpowerment.

    have UAV Jammer and Cold-blooded in same perk slot. UAV jammer counters red dot on radar, cold blooded stops you being seen by kill streaks.

    matyrdom - NO

    second chance - YES (if you slightly reduce WAW time)

    NO pro perks.

    Some pro versions would be good perks by themselves: NO falling damage, faster climbing, iron lungs, claymore/bouncing betty delay, faster aim down sight.

    ALL other WAW perks can stay and ADD hardline and bling from MW2.

    My Perk setup:

    Perk 1:

    * Special Grenades X 3
    * Satchel Charge X 2
    * M9A1 Bazooka X 2
    * Bomb Squad
    * Bouncing Betty/claymores X 2
    * Bandolier
    * Primary Grenades X 2
    * M2 Flamethrower
    * Bling
    * Claymore/Bouncing betty Delay

    Perk 2:

    * Fireworks
    * Flak Jacket
    * Gas Mask (if GAS grenades were more powerful)
    * Uav Jammer
    * Sleight of Hand
    * Double Tap (causes more recoil)
    * Overkill
    * Cold-blooded (hidden from kill streaks)
    * Hardline
    * Lightweight

    Perk 3:

    * Deep Impact/ FMJ
    * Extreme Conditioning
    * Second Chance (if time reduced)
    * Fireproof
    * Dead Silence
    * Iron Lungs
    * Reconnaissance
    * Faster ADS (aim down sight)
    * Faster Climbing
    * NO falling damage
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    Maybe some of these perks need to be locked out at a certain level allowing noobs to rumble with experienced players without getting completley destroyed, Once there confidence and experience with the game progresses these "crutch" perks like Stopping Power and Jugg could be removed..

    * Stopping Power - Lock Out(After Lvl???)
    * Fireworks - Lock Out(After Lvl???)
    * Juggernaut - Lock Out(After Lvl???)
    * Second Chance - Lock Out(After Lvl???)
    * Martyrdom - Lock Out(After Lvl???)
    * Fireproof - Lock Out(After Lvl???)

    Blah blah blah and the rest, on a sidenote i like OVERKILL:)
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    I read through this thread and it seems that atleast 90% of people want jugg removed, Its just a ridiculous perk. maybe have some type of body armour just just reduces damage to the torso in the perk slot that has stopping power but head shots still take normal damage, that would reward accuracy imo and then you have a counter to it aswell?
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    I don't care that much, seeing as I will be on barebones most of the time. But I would like to see Stopping Power to be taken out, and for Juggernaut to not be brought back.
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    It's nice to see so many people wanting Stopping Power and Juggernaut removed. They really do render the other perks in that tier useless when they're available, as they give such an insane advantage over everything else.

    Remove Stopping Power and implement it into the damage already (or just remove it altogether)

    Remove Juggernaut/Painkiller.

    I know the struggle is to ease people who aren't used to FPS games into battle so they don't get their ass handed to them, but creating something that is abused by high level players due to its proficiency is not the answer.

    If anything, my only hope is that Treyarch returns this game to its former glory, and create an enjoyable and SKILLFUL experience that isn't frustrating or broken.
  • 217. Re: Perks, min. number requirement?

    Perk Set #1

    * Special Grenades X 3 - A good perk 1 option
    * Satchel Charge X 2 - Personally do not use, but lots of others do, good perk 1 option
    * M9A1 Bazooka X 2 - This is definitely better as a perk than a secondary weapon
    * Bomb Squad - One of the greatest perks in COD, great perk 1 option
    * Bouncing Betty X 2 - Again, better as perk 1 than equipment selection
    * Bandolier - Great perk 1 option, but also good for attachment (extended clip)
    * Primary Grenades X 2 - A good perk 1 optino
    * M2 Flamethrower - Meh....can stay or go

    Perk Set #2

    * Stopping Power - I use this as my perk 2 almost exclusively, but it is not a mandatory perk
    * Fireworks - Sittin on the fence for this one, with random RGs/GLs it is bad
    * Flak Jacket - Perfect perk if explosives is huge in the game
    * Gas Mask - Meh, can stay or go, I dont get flashed/stunned/etc very often, and when I do I can tolerate it
    * Juggernaut - I hate this perk, but is a good balancer against stopping power, either have both or niether
    * Camouflage - Great perk!
    * Sleight of Hand - Great perk, and I love MW2s PRO version
    * Shades - This is really a great "I dont need perk 2 to kill you" perk! LoL
    * Double Tap - Better option than Stopping Power because it makes you lose ammo faster to get same effect
    * Overkill - I want this perk to return!!!!!

    Perk Set #3

    * Deep Impact - Happy with this being either perk 3 or attachment (FMJ)
    * Extreme Conditioning - Better option than marathon
    * Toss Back - Needed for the Fight Against Grenade Spammers
    * Second Chance - Worst perk on EARTH, no more of this please!
    * Martyrdom - This should never be a perk, ever.
    * Fireproof - Yes to protect against drangon's breath, flamethrowers
    * Dead Silence - Keep it
    * Iron Lungs - Should keep in some form - especially as a steady aim PRO version if that system is kept
    * Reconnaissance - I see this as useful


    Perk Set 1

    * Marathon | Marathon Pro - Marathon should be axed, but climbing objects faster can be kept as extreme conditioning PRO, definitley want to climb objects faster!
    * Sleight of Hand | Sleight of Hand Pro - I like this perk setup!
    * Scavenger | Scavenger Pro - Hmmm...if this stays it should only give more primary ammo
    * Bling | Bling Pro - Sittin on fence for this one as well, is having a Sight AND Silencer fair?
    * One Man Army | One Man Army Pro - Never want to see this perk again!!

    Perk Slot 2

    * Stopping Power | Stopping Power Pro - Good perk if it has counterpart
    * Lightweight | Lightweight Pro - NO moving faster, but quicker aim down sight is a good perk
    * Hardline | Hardline Pro - Hmmm, depends on killstreak setup (3,5,7 - NO!) (Multiple KSs, then YES) Should deathstreaks return? I am leaning towards NO on that question
    * Cold-Blooded | Cold-Blooded Pro - Love both aspects of this perk!
    * Danger Close | Danger Close Pro - Sittin on fence, Leaning towards NO

    Perk Slot 3

    * Commando | Commando Pro - NO extra melee distance (unless bayonet), No fall damage is great IMHO!
    * Steady Aim | Steady Aim Pro - I like this perk setup
    * Scrambler | Scrambler Pro - No need for this perk/unrealistic, even for MW2!! LoL
    * Ninja | Ninja Pro - Just keep as dead silence
    * SitRep | SitRep Pro - Keep in either slot 1 or 3 (I think it fits slot 1 better though)
    * Last Stand | Last Stand Pro - Worst perk on EARTH, do not bring back

    Equipment - (if this idea is kept)

    * Frag - keep
    * Semtex - Will this be (explosive tips?) If so, should be limited supply, not for entire ammo supply on crossbow
    * Throwing Knife - Since this is in SP, I am assuming it will be in MP, YES keep it
    * Tactical Insertion - C'mon....Really? WTF came up with that idea, dumbest idea ever award goes to....!
    * Blast Shield - Either equipment or perk 1
    * Claymore - Should be perk 1
    * C4 - Should be perk 1
  • 218. Re: Perks, min. number requirement?
    I enthusiastically support the general trend here, which seems to be "less is more."  I'm inclined to be a minimalist with regard to perks.

    For example:
    - Bandolier rather than Scavenger
    - Overkill rather than OMA
    - Extreme Conditioning rather than Marathon
    - Doubletap rather than Stopping Power, etc.

    And, yeah, it's probably time to dump all the damage increasing/reducing perks like SP, Jug, and Danger Close.  (Though I'm tempted to suggest keeping Flak Jacket nonetheless because [1] it could play a valuable role in encouraging people to play the objectives in objective-based games, and [2] it would provide another way of keeping vehicles from being overwhelming.) 

    As a corollary, I'd suggest staying away all together from perks that cancel one another out (the "arms race" perks); it makes the classes feel less unique, and it makes class design something of a guessing game when the value of my setup can vary immensely depending on what the other team has decided (or not decided) to run.

    I agree with whoever said that Camouflage (invisible to UAV) and "Cold-Blooded 2.0" (invisible to, or alternatively less likely to be targeted by, other killstreak rewards) could return as separate perks in the SP/Jug-less Tier 2.

    I do like SOH Pro (faster ADS), but this probably belongs in Tier 2.

    Maybe the ulimate Tier 2 ends up looking something like the following:
    - Overkill
    - Lightweight
    - Doubletap
    - Camouflage
    - "Cold Blooded 2.0"
    - Flak Jacket
    - Sleight of Hand (including faster ADS)

    Death-activated perks like Martydom and Last Stand and death streaks should go.  The ability to be revived when in Second Chance was interesting and rewarded team play, so maybe this could be reworked (though with the injured player's offensive capabilities greatly limited).

    In terms of new perks, I think the following might be useful:
    - Expanded scale on the mini-map (i.e., the mini-map shows more of the area around the player) for greater situational awareness. The full map feature on WaW was great, but the map came up too slowly to be of real use in pinpointing the location of a distant sniper or camper (the red dot usually had faded by the time the map came up).

    Finally, the bayonet will be fine as long as it functions something like how it did in WaW (needing to be aimed, relatively slow, reasonable range) and nothing like Commando (auto-aim, teleport, 5-meter lunge).
  • 219. Re: Perks, min. number requirement?
    Hi all. I'm not going to trawl through 22 pages like I hope Trey/Vahn are, so my answer maybe the same as someone else's, but here's my answer to Vahn's direct question, RE: Bayonet Vs Commando:

    The bayonet was fine, Commando is not.

    While using the bayonet and the Commando Perk are essentially the same thing, the bayonet meant that you were sacrificing your only possible attachment. You couldn't have an aperture sight, a supressor/flash hider, or any of that good stuff. You gun was the standard weapon, with a little increased melee range. That also worked very well because the bayonet-melee animation was also longer than the standard knife melee, so you couldn't melee as fast anyway.

    On the other hand, Commando is Perk 3, so in that respect you can still have a weapon plus useful attachment outside of melee range (RDS, silencer, HBS, etc). That's without mentioning the possibility of Bling - so you could have an increased melee range, along with two attachments, leading to a highly effective weapon, as well as highly effective melee. However, the broken-ness of Commando came with secondaries.

    Tactical Knife. Tactical Knife meant that your melee was so devastatingly rapid, and that with Marathon and Lightweight often beat shotgunners. It was just ridiculous in the hands of even an averagely skilled player. OnlyUseMeBlade, or a Gamertag to that extent, has never fired a shot on MW2 - and yet he's 10th Prestige I think - he's around and about on Youtube.

    Other Perks
    I'm not going to talk about the Stopping Power and Juggernaut debate in depth, other than the fact that they should both stay - but if they do go, Cold-Blooded should go back to its UAV Jammer/Camo role, Bling should be a Perk 2, if it's in the game at all, and there should be a Perk for reduced recoil in the Perk 2 section as well. Overkill wil probably be used more too if there's no SP or Jugg.

    I think 1st Tier Perks should return to their equipment based days, with Special x3, Primary x2, RPG x2, Claymore x2 (or equivalent), C4 x2 (or equivalent) - all that good stuff. I do feel however, that Sleight of Hand (SOH) COULD be in the 1st Tier, if it's a late unlock - SOH barely affects balance like SP, Double Tap and Jugg do, so it's a possibility. One Man Army is actually OK and a nice Perk idea as a whole, but the whole re-supply-your-current-class from it is a abused.

    Marathon and Lightweight should go. The mobility you receive from using them in conjuction with one another is outrageous. Marathon and Lightweight Pro, on the other hand, weren't game-breaking.

    Pro Perks were great. They added an extra layer of depth to the Perk system. However, I think they should be much harder to get. In MW2, to get the Pro version, you had to complete the relevant Perk Challenge IV, out of a maximum of VI; I think you should unlock the Pro version at V and have it go up to VII/VIII. Extreme Conditioning should come back, and Extreme Conditioning Pro could be Marathon Pro.

    I prefer Deep Impact to FMJ, but if you're going to have Bling, then it should be FMJ. Likewise with Double Tap/Rapid Fire.

    Fireproof was crap, Shades were crap too but I sometimes used it for the aviators on my character, and Gas Mask was also pretty useless.

    Steady Aim is a great Perk and should return. As was Dead Silence. I presume there's not going to be HBSs, so Dead Silence should return as it was in WaW/COD4. Steady Aim Pro could be Iron Lungs. Really not sure about a Dead Silence Pro though. Reconnaissance was pretty redundant - dogs and tanks could be heard easily, and if you're a good player you pretty much know where the artillery's doing to be put. But it could have extra uses in BO with fly-able choppers in Multiplayer and the like. Toss Back was good for HQ/Domination rushers, but that's about it; and Second Chance/Last Stand is probably more infuriating than anything else, ever.

    Oh and by the way, please don't have Death Streaks. They're just silly. Also, NO MARTYRDOM AT ALL. KAY THANKS.

    So all in all, although I haven't touched on it so far, there should be no minimum number of Perks. It's irrelevant. Having a lot of Perks could be good, but from past games, there's only about 10 that get used frequently; SP, Jugg, Camo, Steady Aim, Claymores/Betties, Bomb Squad, Dead Silence, EC/Marathon, Ligthweight, Bandolier, Bling. And Commando, but I really hope that's not in, as I've mentioned. There shouldn't be ANY Perks to make up numbers, but certainly, say 20 useful Perks with Pro versions, is 200% as good as 10 Perks with Pro verions .

    Hope you read all this, Vahn.

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