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hackers/modders love em or hate them?

i really get annoyed if some dude knifed from lyk across the map or if they use an aimbot to get like every kill in the game. like yesterday i was playing mw2 with my friend chibitsuna we went against 4 10th prestiges all with the spinning tenth emblem we played domination on favela and we couldnt even get 1 flag or even 1 kill they were knifin us from impossible distances and somehow it said we got defeated cuz time limit was reached but there is no time limit in domination. Also my friend Allutions got his whole mw2 profile erased by a hacker he took away all his titles and emblems all his attachments and camos and made him back into a lvl 1 no prestige!!!!!!!!!!!! so do love them or hate them? oh and the hacker made his k/d -6666666666666666666666