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The Music Thread

Do you like music? Because I sure do. It's a very important part of my life.

I made this thread so that we in the OT can have a place where we can discuss all that is music(vuvuzelas are not music) and that isn't just restricted to "what is your fav. band" etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Discuss!
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    VuVu is music!


    - says so in title
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    CraftyShot wrote:


    VuVu is music!


    - says so in title

    Vuvuzelas are like kazoos or tambourines.
    Not really instruments because they can only make one note!

    And all the vuvus. just blend together to make a buzzing sound..
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    I ******* HATE vuvuzelas.
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    Jimmy Smith. I have really been into Chicago organ jazz trioist lately, so here is a link:


    Very smooth and relaxing.
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    I like Eminem. He is the best rapper in the world in my opinion. Here's the link to two of his songs, Beautiful and Wont Back Down.



    Won't Back Down:


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    I like all types of music. If i like it, ill listen to it and i don't slap genre's on music either. But talking of genre's i mainly listen to Heavy Metal, Rock N Roll. As you have stated N8, music is also a big part of life too, life would be bad without music.

    A small list of bands that i listen to on a daily basis are:

    Rolling Stones
    The Beatles
    Elvis Presley
    Suicide Silence
    Ben E King
    Nat King Cole
    Frank Sinatra
    Jay Z

    I actually got tickets to the Jay Z and Eminem show here in New York at the Yankee's Stadium, Should be fun.

    As ive said, i like all types of music, why keep it to one genre, that's boring. But each to there own.
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    The best song ever:


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    Byzantine Bomb
    Does anyone else feel like Tool has some if not the best lyrics in their songs?
    Listening to some contemporary artisits, their lyrics generally pale in comparison.
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    Im into heavy metal but am more into classic rock bands like:
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience
    The Doors
    and others
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