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    belka1077 wrote:


    are bayonetes returning? pls pls!

    i hope so
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    Spas-12 FtWw
    why remove killcams? If you press start on your killcam you see the enemies map ^^.
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    Keep the Pro concept! it's fun knowing you can upgrade your perks
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    i think that explosives should be the number 1 perk, like in WaW
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    I think anything will be fine but the marathon, lightweight commando garbage, this is a shooter and I won't be buying this one if theres any chance it will be like mw2 where your shooting someone and they run towards you and lightspeed and kill you with 1 stab while getting peppered with bullets, its ridiculous!! take that garbage out of a shooter game
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    Vahn wrote:


    Which of these need to go? (A lot of people seem to dislike Commando Pro, but did you also dislike the Bayonet from World at War, which had similar game play?)

    WaW didn't give the ability add a  bayonet to a submachine gun, with unlimited sprint and lighter weight. Teleporting MUST GO, as does any perk that enables unlimited frags and noobtubes.
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    zeroy wrote:


    Perks in WAW were fine, the vehicles one were a tad useless.

    i used vehicles. the vehicle perks gave me that last edge to blow up the other vehicle before mine was to be blown up. my vehicle perks won me lots of battles. i guess none of the vehicle drivers paid attention to them.

    AND i never saw this post 'Perks, min. number requirement?' anywhere
    somehow i'm late
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    I know I'm late to the party, but that's just my style Pretty much, I'm just gonna write a couple of things about stuff which I think should be removed/amended. Also, sorry if this has been posted somewhere in the last 46 pages. Just another opinion I guess.

    World at War: equipment perks
    * Special Grenades X 3
    * Satchel Charge X 2
    * M9A1 Bazooka X 2
    * Bomb Squad
    * Bouncing Betty X 2
    * Bandolier
    * Primary Grenades X 2
    * M2 Flamethrower

    The perks from WaW depend on how equipment is handled in the game. Special Grenades X3 could easily be eliminated if the Stun/Flash Grenades are doubled up like in MW2. Also, Bomb Squad could be used to fit into any perk slot, depending on what needed perks to make up numbers, or as an alternative to something else.

    Everything else depends on how equipment is handled. If it fills a perk, like MW or WaW, then they need to be bundled together so they compete, and can't be taken together. If they fill an equipment slot, or launchers go in secondary, there really needs to be a way to limit either the amount of explosives you can have, or a massive weight penalty to try and stop the launcher spam as it is in MW2. Sometimes I can go a whole day without hearing a  grenade launcher, but those are usually the days I'm not on my xbox.

    MW2 Perk Set 1

    * Marathon | Marathon Pro
    * Sleight of Hand | Sleight of Hand Pro
    * Scavenger | Scavenger Pro
    * Bling | Bling Pro
    * One Man Army | One Man Army Pro

    Marathon is an interesting idea for a perk, and while I know a lot of people I know complain about it because of "monkey knifing", it really isn't the cause.
    SoH should always be in, but I really think SoHp needs to be something different, or changed to a lesser effect. A sniper rifle really shouldn't be used as a close range weapon if it has a scope on. Make so you switch weapons faster?
    Scavenger works fine, but it makes Bandolier useless.
    Bling is always a good idea. Not many people use it over SoH, mind, but the only thing I wanted in MW1/WaW was Bling.

    As for the flamer, when were they banned? If it fits the setting, it'll be cool

    Perk Set #2
    * Stopping Power
    * Fireworks
    * Flak Jacket
    * Gas Mask
    * Juggernaut
    * Camouflage
    * Sleight of Hand
    * Shades
    * Double Tap
    * Overkill

    * Stopping Power | Stopping Power Pro
    * Lightweight | Lightweight Pro
    * Hardline | Hardline Pro
    * Cold-Blooded | Cold-Blooded Pro
    * Danger Close | Danger Close Pro

    If the game is going to have Stopping Power, Juggernaut, Flak Jacket, and Fireworks, they need to either be balanced properly, or spread across the perk system to try and reduce their appearance in games. Players need to be able to see that they don't need the perks to be able to survive, so they can spread out and there's more variety in classes. You could make Stopping Power and Danger Close into an ammo attachment. I think Juggernaut should be in the game, seen as I'd much rather deal with that than Painkillers. It doesn't necessarily have to be increased health though, it could be an improved healing rate, or not negate Stopping Power. If they run at different percentages (25% each instead of 40%? Or have one at 30%, the other at 25%) They would have different effects with different weapons. Some guns might be effected by Juggernaut, but others might be too powerful for it to have an effect. Another idea would be to make some of the slower, stronger guns, like the Semi automatic, or single action rifles, to negate Juggernaut. This would have the effect of making more guns useable, but I think they would need to have some method to cap turbo fire pads, even if it was just a slower fire time.

    If SP and DC were to be made attachments (Hollow Point Ammo/ Improved Gunpowder?) then another possibility would be to create armour for the create a class. This could have a range of different items, which affect the class. You could put Bullet Vest(Juggernaut for bullets only) Stab Vest(reduce knife damage, so it isn't a one hit kill, stopping knife runners), Camouflage (UAV Jammer), Thermal insulation (invisible to thermal), light armour (lightweight), and stuff like that.

    Hardline should be in. It needs to be able to compete with the other perks, though. Maybes change it so you can change the number of kills you need for a streak too? Allow the player to push certain streaks around, so that they can access different killstreaks from the same price slot. Looking at MW2, I think it would be a lot more viable if it allowed me to take a stealth bomber as an 8 killstreak, then need 7 kills to access it. Of course, some streaks (AC-130, Chopper Gunner, etc.) would be too powerful if they could be accessed that cheap, so the idea would need some balancing to it. It might work better though if killstreaks always work like care package ones, where they don't count?

    Double tap suits being an attachment, but it should be available to more things. Modified rifle? You could also probably use fire selectors as a similar attachment. Being able to use something like an MP5 with an actual double tap fire mode (one shot pressing, one shot depressing) would be really cool.

    Overkill depends on how Secondary Weapons are handled. If it's like WaW, it's cool, if it's like MW2 it's redundant.

    Shades and Gas Masks are tricky. They had very little effect, and while I used to have fun with shotguns, 3 gas, and a gas mask, it was a fairly limited trick. They'll be worth it, if they have a stronger effect. I can remember shades done nearly nothing but reduce glare. Also, if I'm gonna take shades, I kinda hope my character will be wearing them! They could fill a similar role to the Blast Helmet though, in MW2, being activated equipment. If Mask was a slot in the create a class, they could be assigned to a Dpad control?

    Perk Set #3

    * Deep Impact
    * Extreme Conditioning
    * Toss Back
    * Second Chance
    * Martyrdom
    * Fireproof
    * Dead Silence
    * Iron Lungs
    * Reconnaissance

    Perk Slot 3

    * Commando | Commando Pro
    * Steady Aim | Steady Aim Pro
    * Scrambler | Scrambler Pro
    * Ninja | Ninja Pro
    * SitRep | SitRep Pro
    * Last Stand | Last Stand Pro

    Deep Impact was changed to an attachment. If it's gonna stay there, make sure the name makes more sense than FMJ (all rounds in MW2 are FMJ anyway, so why do they need to be upgraded?). It could go nicely if there's an ammo section in the create a class (Hollow Point/Armour Piercing/Incendiary/etc.)

    Extreme Conditioning is competing with Marathon. One needs to go.

    Toss Back was nearly useless. It shouldn't really be there.

    Second Chance and Last Stand are nearly the same. I liked the revival idea, but the perk was crazy. If two people on a team had it, then the timer was extended, right? Bad idea. The perk would probably's work better with a slightly longer timer (15 seconds?), but anyone can revive them. Also, it might be nice if the guy who dropped him still gets points for it, even if he's revived. There also needs to be more methods of preventing Last Stand. Headshots, knife, and explosives are all right, but there's some things in the game which should you shouldn't really be able to stand up from. Shotgun blasts at short range should leave someone dead, and large calibre rounds should be better at leaving people dead instead of dying.

    I'd rather see Martyrdom as a perk than a deathstreak if it has to be in. Give it the same restrictions as Last Stand though. I'd like to see someone with a .50 cal hole in his head pull the pin on a frag.

    Fireproof should be in, if there's more fire weapons. No one seemed to use Molotov's, and the flamer killed you quickly anyway.

    Dead Silence should replace Ninja, seen as there shouldn't be Heartbeat Sensors.

    Iron Lungs shouldn't be Steady Aim Pro. They're different perks, really.

    Recon would be a great perk in the game. It'll allow people to fight against the bigger killstreaks better. It could be merged nicely with SitRep(extra info from command), or Scrambler(intercepting transmissions?)

    Commando should replace your knife with a machete, giving you a bigger swing area, instead of letting you lunge 5 metres.

    Steady Aim is a staple perk.

    Scrambler is an interesting idea, but it needs to have a different effect if it wants to see the light of day in most peoples classes. The fade idea is good, but most people use it against the wearer as a reverse UAV. If it's a total area block, or it also affected something else, it might be better.

    SitRep is battling with Bomb Squad, and should win out. I prefer the graphical style, it's more useful, and it's also nice for hunting campers/boosters with tactical insertion (which should be handled differently if it's in: actually air drop the guy!) or claymores.

    Also, as a last thing, Vehicle perks were alright, but there shouldn't be any deathstreaks. The amount of times I've been killed by someone with painkillers over the last year after putting 9 bullets in them... It makes me sick.

    Also also, Pro perks are a good idea, but some should actually be seperate perks. Steady Aim/Iron Lungs are different, Scavenger and Bandolier should be seperate, and Ninja/Ninja Pro should be swapped around!

    So, not sure how useful this will actually be, but I was bored.
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    i can clearly see u are looking for a balanced perk system.  look at the one i created on pg 45 that i created, i hope BO has a perk system that is very similar
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    are you saying that all the perks will be in multiplayer?
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