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Henry Langham Real or Hoax? Gknova0 Updated.

This Thread is updated daily as new info comes out. Thanks to BlackOpsTiger I wouldn't have Found Henry Langham.

[color=#bb981d]Okay so to my point. Just recently Henrey Langham has posted these recordings on Youtube, talking about how we need to fight back and that he is not GK. He has seen what they've done to them. What could he possibly be talking about? I'm as confused as evreyone else out there who has watched his video's. Here is a link to his Youtube channel, check it out and tell me what you think about it. I think it's pretty convincing. Anybody wondering what Gk means im quite sure that it means German Knowledge.  What does evreyone else think Hoax or not? 


There is BlackOpsTiger's thread of where i found out about this

If you haven't saw this website yet check it out WWW.GKNOVA0.com

Well meet again uploaded from Henry Langhams. Youtube.

[color=#e5c24a]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMXB1wVl3XQ&playnext=1&videos=_SEu6OmSpZU&feature =sub


[size=150]Okay so Gknova0 is Updated its a video now, It starts of with it recording of the grass, and says Edward Maxis - Recording 1. After that as you can hear a man screaming EDWARD, Oswald over and over again, Seems to be pretty windy or his camera just sucks, Then he Starts Screaming Edwin where are you?! Followed by more screaming and Dog barking, Then unknown man yells GET OFF OF ME!, then something i dont understand, Then EDWARD its him!, edward wake up wake up edward we have to go, Edward Wake up! where have you (unadiable) We must go. Edward maxis ( i think he says) wwhere's your father and your sister? WE MUST GO! I dont know, I dont know. Well thats it thats the whole thing.

Okay so after The video if you refreshed it, it brought you back to the normal Countdown screen, But this time the right side of his mouth is slanted down, also his right eye has like some weird circle on it, and under him it says Do your eyes decive you?

Same picture as before but it says DEAD LINE MISSED and he has a weird symbol i havent seen before, Also look at the right side of his mouth it down more than the left..

It now say's Henry Langham- Recording 7 WILL NOT BE BROADCAST. NOW IT SAYS 1 ROCK 1 CHALICE 1 LINE 1 CRIME. Now the man seems to come to a point also it says will anybody kindy assit? New it now says PLEASE, CONTACT ME AT YOUR EARLIEST CONVIENENCE, Now it says YOUR EYES ARE THE WINDOWS TO THE WORLD. Ok it is now his right side of his body is completely Black besides for a Hypnotic Swirl in his right eye, And under it says I BET YOU CAN'T FIND THE ANSWER.
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