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  • 50. Re: Beta Date?
    Sep 1st would be a great beta release, because for us 360ers who r getting reach, we will be extremely anxious so we will want something new to play, and it is before reach so people will play it for a good 14 days and probely longer.
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    i personally think that treyach will give us a multiplayer beta, as many have said infinity ward did not, and look at how much MW2 Suffered.
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    they have, they most likely wont release it publicaly right away. because they know the servers will most likely crash with over 1 million downloads. my guess is that they would first release it privatly to people who has been a CoDHQ member for along time or the people who has gotten the Black ops badge mission that expired not to long ago, just like with WaW. first they released it privatly, because i got the beta key like in early september, which from september to october when it was released privatly. their was about 30,000-40,000 people who has had it. when they released it publicly 100,000s of people has downloaded it off the market place. but i think they will first release the beta for CodHq players first, which is why i see alot of new people coming on here and registering. they must also heard that you will most likely recieve the beta if your on codhq.
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    A Sweet Legend
    It makes sense
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    Austin 19 wrote:


    My guess is either a public beta, or what they did with MW2, which is a press conference of the MP menus and the game.

    I personally really hope they don't do a public beta if they are going for feedback.  If its all for hype, then go for it, but if they want good feedback they should give the beta to the group of people who care the most, are the most knowledgeable, and arent afraid to say how it is (us, the community)

    Agree and disagree simultaneously.  I would definitely hold out on playing if Treyarch decided to allow only knowledgeable people to critique the game.  I, however, do not believe this forum community is that knowledgeable population you speak of...
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    XbrokenbonezX wrote:


    If you are like me you just saw the black ops multiplayer trailer and just jizzed in your pants. And if you saw the end it said and quote.

    Full multiplayer reavel September 1st.

    Now most people just think this will just be another trailer. But a FULL multiplayer reavel in a trailer? I don't think so. So just putting this out there, September 1st might equal balck ops beta realese.

    Yeah I was thinking the same exact thing. Hopefully were right.
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    Yeah, I'm guessing sep 1st is just the media event similar to what was done with MW2 to reveal all the perks and stuff. I'd love to get a beta code for this. It looks really good.
  • 57. Re: Beta Date?
    No beta many people i know will not buy

    but im buying i dont care if its mw2 with new maps i still will buy i love cod that much
  • 58. Re: Beta Date?
    September 1 is a Wednesday, which would be an odd date for just a trailer to come out especially since Xbox updates are during the week as well, I smell beta.
  • 59. Re: Beta Date?
    your date is in october sometime for the beta release and i cant give a exact date but in september there is just going to be a demonstration ( a more in depth demonstration) then the one which was released not to long a go.
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