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    hackers (N)
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    kobno wrote:


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    They can't stop the leaderboard hacks due to J-Tagers aslong as their about no normal leaderboards. Even though they ban them they can unban themselfs :S

    Yeah but they have to pay like 120$ for a new keyvault to unban thereselfs so it's not that they don't care if they get banned. That's why they ask people for money to get in their lobbies. But I love how ppl with JTAG can make their own gametypes like zombies or even maps.

    No they've found a way 2 unban with needing a new keyvault i think
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    Microsoft needs to get their sh*t together on banning these kids using JTAG 360s. I don't really care about leaderboards, but I hope Treyarch can prevent them from effecting the game in any way.
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    agreed mate!
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    the chug31
    To me it seems simple, I rarely found anyone in COD 4 who hacked, and when I did it was a modded controller. COD WaW, same thing I don't remember it being a problem at all besides the modded controllers, which I hardly ever ran into. So what happened between COD 4 and WaW, and MW2 to make hackers, and modders such a big problem? Was it just the fact that no dedi servers exsisted? I dunno, BFBC2 uses EA servers which aren't the best, but once again I have never had a game of that where someone has hacked it,
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    Arlothion wrote:


    I think and hope Treyarch will deal with hackers as best they can, but obviously we don't know how easy it is to do IW try'd for like 5 minutes then gave up.

    If you noticed WaW was free from all hackers really till modern warfare 2 came along.

    @ senor.sassycat  if they were hacking leaderboards normally they will have things like aimbots and stuff.

    if they are playing in there own hacked lobbies or whatever it doesn't affect anyone but them, and didn't someone just hack the server and put in whatever scores they wanted?
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    Well if they'd get off their lazy butts and give us console gamers dedicated servers we wouldn't have to worry about this kind of crap. They can't say they can't afford it. Look how much money they bring in from the COD games. We deserve those servers just as much as pc gamers. I'm going to play the hell out of the multiplayer before the hackers get in full swing with Black Ops.
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    Treyarch should make an automatic bot, that scans the leaderboards and if a person has above like say, 10mill kills, 100mill kills or whatever, then it resets their stats to zero (maybe even their rank..?) which would make it alot clearer, and once the bot has done that then small team of Treyarch employees go through the leaderboards just to check and just hold down the del button to del like 30 people / sec? It would make it ALOT Easier.
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    All modern COD games have, and will be hacked. There is no way to stop this, JTAG'ers get console banned after going online for 3-6 hours. They use KV's to unbann themselves and unshared kv cost $80-$90, not $120. Also they can buy shared KV's for $25-$35. There is no way to stop hackers, and also it would get really hard to figure out who did, and who didn't get they're leaderboard stats legit. It's the game developers fault that people can hack they're games.There is really no way to stop hackers, except by making the game harder to hack. WAW only had 10th/11th prestige, and leaderboard hacks, while MW2 had soooo many infections and other things. Also hackers can make stealth patches, which means they can get past bots and other things (i.e. a halo 3 aimbot has been relseased recently, which you can go online with because it has security checks removed, and other things like that.) kthxbai.
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    Both COD:4 and WAW were modded, it just was not as publicized.  When MW2 came out there was just so much attention paid to it and kids all got themselves crazy and just had to be "1337" and get themselves a mod as well. 

    The groups that run modded lobbies have been killing it now for the past 5 or 6 months.  When I say killing it, they are making somewhere around $10-$20k per night and they still have waiting lists.  I have personally turned two of my college roommates on to four particular modders that seem to pretty well in this area.  They both have been working for the IRS for over 13 years now and were more then happy to look into the pay pal accounts that the modders get paid through.

    Once again, if Developers set up the proper road blocks to prevent people from coming in and out, then all will be well.