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    i heard from a hacker that BO is gonna have a limit to the amount of xp you can get in a game so they wont be able to hack to 10th nd all infections are patched... i hope its true
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    TrAviiSx118 wrote:


    i heard from a hacker that BO is gonna have a limit to the amount of xp you can get in a game so they wont be able to hack to 10th nd all infections are patched... i hope its true

    Well I hope that that is true.

    It would be nice to go into a lobby without having insults hurled at you; "Shut up you hacker".

    .. But the leaderboards have annoyed me the most. I would be 3,000 in the world for wins (Probably higher - I just gave up when the hackers arrived), but the hackers knocked me down too .... 407,984. Nice.


    I would HAPPILY delete all of those hackers MANUALLY - Forget these "bots" - I would god damn press that DEL key 400,000+ times. I would do it for free god damn it.
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    Xx iTzZ St1Gm1St3R xX wrote:


    Are hackers expected to be in Black Ops?

    Will they own the top 400,000 spots on the leaderboards of Black Ops, as they do on MW2?

    Are Treyarch working on something to try and "fix" the hacking epidemic?

    I really hope they do. Hackers on MW2 have wrecked the game. One of my favorite parts of the CoD series is the competitiveness - the first to tenth prestige, but ofcourse, if hackers are going to be on the game then there will be none of this mega hype about who will top the leaderboards. That will wreck the game for me.

    the game will be a failure if there are hackers.

    yea it was epic FAIL
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    SunburnedOrphan wrote:


    they cant solve it, microsoft needs to make better xbox's and a better detection, but hwat i wanna kno is if treyarch can actually delete people off of the leaderboards.

    I would think they would be able to as they are going to be BO servers.
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    senor.sassycat wrote:


    people hacking the leader boards doesn't effect the game play so i don't care.

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    the chug31 wrote:


    To me it seems simple, I rarely found anyone in COD 4 who hacked, and when I did it was a modded controller. COD WaW, same thing I don't remember it being a problem at all besides the modded controllers, which I hardly ever ran into. So what happened between COD 4 and WaW, and MW2 to make hackers, and modders such a big problem? Was it just the fact that no dedi servers exsisted? I dunno, BFBC2 uses EA servers which aren't the best, but once again I have never had a game of that where someone has hacked it,

    Simply put, player base increased so vastly that there was alot of money to be made from exploits.

    Some people care about leaderboards, some people don't. I think everyone should care that they don't get hacked out of general respect/admiration for guys who can get genuinely astounding stats, and the community as a whole.

    Out of all the CoD games so far, world at war was the quickest to be patched when a problem was found. we are still waiting for the rock glitch on fuel to be fixed for instance!
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    yes, i have a feeling that there will be hackers.
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    I agree and I think that treyarch should reset all their stats and rank.
    But they can only do this to the hackers that they no for sure that gave hacked .
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    I think there will be hacking... my neighbors cousin knows a clan where they have the 10th presteige hack for black ops
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    I genuinely do care about my leaderboard rank.

    I will try and get as high as I can on the leaderboards, but if hackers are present, then basically ... that will not be possible.


    I also hope that you can see the stats of players, in your lobby - Like on WaW.

    It was not a feature in MW2, but I loved it in WaW.

    It will also help clear any confusion, with players in the lobby, if they think you are a 10th prestige hacker.