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Very New To WaW - Please Check First Match

Hi there. I am very new to the CoD series but I have just bought CoD4, MW2 and WaW. I have recorded my first match and I was hoping to get some pointers on where I may be going wrong. Please check it out in HD.

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    It looked good, you know what you are doing.
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    That was a good first match (much better than mine, for sure lol).  Not to mention your video had awesome quality!
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    Thank you.  I use a Hauppage HD PVR and have been playing around with settings.  I plan on commentating in the future but right now I dont even know what I am doing let along advising others.
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    Great start man, great start. Here's some tips:

    - Keep in mind you have a pistol also, use it if your primary weapon is running low on ammo or if you don't have time to reload.
    - It's a good idea to switch out your pistol for almost any weapon. An example would be since you were using an SVT, a long range weapon, pick up an SMG so you have a close range weapon also.
    - Loved the part when you decided to knife everyone in that hut around the middle of the video. Knifing takes little noise to do so the enemy will not know your location. Whenever possible, resort to your knife.

    Some other tips:

    - Watch the radar, watch your enemy AND your teammates.
    - Flanking is VERY important. Try not to rush with your team, especially when you're using a long range weapon. Go around and assault the enemy in a different direction than your teammates.
    - Listen to footsteps - also very important as you can distinguish the enemy's location when the radar is not up.
    - Play defensively. If you rush yourself to the other enemy, you'll most likely get killed. But if you move around, checking your surroundings, while moving about in a cautious manner, you'll achieve better scores. Team Deathmatch is not a game type where rushing is very effective, as opposed to Search and Destroy.
    - If you want to level up and rank up faster, play Search and Destroy, but that game mode takes a while to master (I can help you on that if you want). Each kill is 50 XP, each assist is 25 XP, each bomb plant/defuse is 100 XP (also each Second Chance kill is 100 XP, but I hate the Second Chance perk anyway).

    Add me on PSN, and I can help you out more if you want.

    I also have a YouTube account, just hit 1000 subscribers, woohoo! No capture card though (yet).


    Retr3xt (9th Prestige) - PSN
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    lookin good! but im just wondering, what sensitivity do you play on?
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    Yeah man, this is some good stuff. Makin is a hard map to have a very first match on because it is so open, but you did well.

    Learn to love the Thompson. It's a very good gun.

    Also, try to sneak around areas, take an alternate route every so often. This way you can flank the enemy from a different direction than what he would have been expecting.

    And please, please add me if you're looking for somebody to play with! PSN: drwuggles
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    add me on psn ano1batman i was like u my first game the worst part was i had seen my friend play on da cpu and he let me try so i kinda new wat was happenin but not really becuz he owned cod4 not waw i also have a clan the 501st legion its for W@W and and mw2 one time i went 38-8 wit me pistol and sniper mostly pistol only a few sniper killz so yeah anyone else can add me or join my clan ps my clan is all about fun no seriousness idc that u r new ill still add u just put i want to join ur clan in da message so i know
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    You did good. For the most part you just need to get used to the maps, use your knife a bit more, etc, just the small things. also, always go around corners while aiming down your sight and be careful.

    -Most rifles are two hit kills with Stopping Power.
    -The Bazooka needs a very close impact for a kill.
    -You can cook grenades.