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  • 520. Re: Perks, min. number requirement?

    xtreme0ninja wrote:



    Perk Set #1

        * Special Grenades X 3 - equipment
        * Satchel Charge X 2 - equipment
        * M9A1 Bazooka X 2 - secondary
        * Bomb Squad - keep
        * Bouncing Betty X 2 - equipment
        * Bandolier - keep
        * Primary Grenades X 2 -equipment
        * M2 Flamethrower - secondary

    Perk Set #2

        * Stopping Power - keep
        * Fireworks - keep
        * Flak Jacket - ^FiWs removed then Flack removed
        * Gas Mask - make into equipment or as a headgear in create a class 2.0
        * Juggernaut - keep(SP removed then Jugger removed)
        * Camouflage - keep
        * Sleight of Hand - keep
        * Shades - headgear (cosmetic)
        * Double Tap - attachment (rapid fire)
        * Overkill - BRING BACK!!!1

    Perk Set #3

        * Deep Impact - attachment/ammo type
        * Extreme Conditioning - keep .....I say Marathon
        * Toss Back - shouldn't be a perk
        * Second Chance - NOOOOOOOOOOO
        * Martyrdom - NOOOOOOOOO
        * Fireproof - mixed with Flak Jacket
        * Dead Silence - absolutely
        * Iron Lungs - yes
        * Reconnaissance - nada


    Perk Set 1

        * Marathon | Marathon Pro - yes
        * Sleight of Hand | Sleight of Hand Pro - keep, but make the pro version not scope in AS fast. still faster, but not as fast as MW2
        * Scavenger | Scavenger Pro - yes as long as it doesnt replenish explosives
        * Bling | Bling Pro - keep
        * One Man Army | One Man Army Pro - NOOOOOOOOOO

    Perk Slot 2

        * Stopping Power | Stopping Power Pro - yes (your idea was OP as hell)
        * Lightweight | Lightweight Pro - NOOOOOOO
        * Hardline | Hardline Pro - no Hardline PRO ('coz no deathstreaks)..maybe more sp.grenade resistance(or invulnerability? just idea)
        * Cold-Blooded | Cold-Blo
    oded Pro - keep
        * Danger Close | Danger Close Pro - YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES(in case there is "Blast Shield"/Flak Jacket)

    Perk Slot 3

        * Commando | Commando Pro - Base - NO, PRO - yes. Maybe base: Longer and Higher Jumps/or "old" Marathon Pro(then base Marathon would get "new" PRO - reloading while sprinting):D
        * Steady Aim | Steady Aim Pro - keep
        * Scrambler | Scrambler Pro - Scrabler Base changed to "motion sensors ignore player"
        * Ninja | Ninja Pro - DS as a base, PRO - quieter(a bit) "gun preparation sounds"(reload, switch, grenade thrwo etc.)
        * SitRep | SitRep Pro - keep (glitch solved....SitRep PRO should negate "current" Ninja PRO)
        * Last Stand | Last Stand Pro - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


    yellow - my changes.
    white - i agree in default stage.
  • 521. Re: Perks, min. number requirement?

    No, the total number of Perks you have in the game is irreverent. Don't force Perks into the game just to get the number to be 16+ : 339 votes

  • 522. Re: Perks, min. number requirement?
    i found a simple answer to all your questions about perks. remove them all and you get CoD2
    or just put a game mode that will be NO PERKS ALOWED
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    The Real jcmoovee
    WHY GOD WHY did you bring last stand back??????!?

    dear god no

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    I don't mind Second Chance. I thought it was perfectly fine. 
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    I want to have a good selection of perks, but i don't want either poorly thought out perks or almost useless(Scout anyone?) perks put in the game, just to increase the number.

    I want a good number of balanced, useful perks.
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    The Real jcmoovee wrote:


    WHY GOD WHY did you bring last stand back??????!?

    dear god no


    It's the only way nooks are gonna get kills without Oma.
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    Egaugnal1 wrote:


    Eliminate 1.sitrep 2.Commando 3.Last Stand 4.Martyrdom 5.Nerf or destroy Danger Close 6.Marathon-Extreme Conditioning is better 7.Lightwieght 8.One Man Army.

    Id like to see you guys at treyarch test out some new perks if possible but take into account how they can be exploited please. Keep the rest there all pretty balanced but its up to you guys. A few new ones would be nice

    everything but marthon n sitrep wtf is wrong with marthon and sitrep and lightwhieght there all good perks
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    I reallllly hope I'm not too late!!! This is exactly the type of thing my friends and I have been talking about wishing we could give feedback on since CoD4 start the create a class!

    Vahn wrote:


    Which of these need to go? (A lot of people seem to dislike Commando Pro, but did you also dislike the Bayonet from World at War, which had similar game play?)

    I stickied this topic for 5 days and added poll.

    David 'Vahn' Vonderhaar

    Perks make or break the balance. Having too many perks create super soldiers, like we saw in Mw2. It made everyone this unstoppable beast if they knew how to use them. Having zero perks would make the game as balanced as possible, with the exception of gun choices. This would of course make customization a bore though. Little changes that can give you an advantage to your playstyle is great. However, with the perks in Mw2, people played to their perks instead of their perks playing to them. One great example is the class of Marathon+Lightweight+Commando and Tac Knife. The majority of players rarely used knifes, but all of a sudden these perks made them unstoppable stabbing machines. They weren't using perks to enhance their style.... they used perks to Dictate a style.

    So with that, my list of perks that need to be gone (or tweaked) and why:

    Commando- It was complete bullshit. Anyone else who's been killed by a player lunging his auto-aim commando knife up a staircase can agree with me.

    Danger Close- It serves no purpose anymore but to be used with nade launching. Before Scavenger with 40mm, no one even used it.

    Scavenger- It makes no sense that you can't pick up ammo from similar guns anymore, but Do NOT let it refill nade launchers and explosive weapons. For the love of God just don't. CoD is a realistic shooter, realistically you can grab bullets off a dead person... infinite rpg's usually don't happen.

    Sleight of Hand Pro- Faster reloads make sense. Faster auto aim scoping does not. The "ADS" created a huge disadvantage for anyone not using it. Not to mention the increase in auto aim assist made things like that "Quick Scoping" garbage possible. Anything that enhances auto-aim is far too unfair/unskillful for a mp game.

    One Man Army- While a great idea, and really awesome when used as it was intended (I initially used to swap situational classes in SnD), it was exploited by people to have infinite explosions. If I want to play a game with nonstop, nontactical explosions I'd go buy Battlefield.

    Steady Aim Pro/Iron Lungs- Steady aim is bad enough when people spray you from 20 feet away. To make it worse, people roll steady aim and eventually get the benefits of Iron Lungs! So now not only can they do their no-scopes, but they can camp with a steadied scope too. I'm all for someone who needs longer to acquire targets, BUT then flipping around and spraying their 50 cal like a shotgun is a bit much. At the least make the hit area much large for sprays, especially for the snipers. As for every other gun, steady aim is one of my least favorite perks because it's a huge crutch for people that don't bother to aim, but I'm guessing it will never be taken out, so at least nerf it please.
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    bayonet same as comando? no way lol