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Even though we hate it; we're gonna miss MW2

If anyone got to know me, then they would know I despise MW2 with all my heart, and I hate it more than the x number of shitty NES games that came out. But in all sinceraty, I'm going to miss the flying Noob Tubes, and Rocket Whores in every match, and the shitty Hit Detection, the crappy Headshots, the worthless, and abused Perks, and Equipment, and the Boosters, and the Commando lunges, and the over-powered guns, and the hackers...wait hell no! **** you hackers!

But all in all, the game in a sense made you realize what a GAME really is. Something crafted by a dream, and a heart for the entertainment of others, even if it destroys you, without the thought of money in the back of your mind. And IW had no intention of that with MW2, and seeing that Treyarch DOES, then kudos to you TA, and most importantly:

Kudos to you MW2, for making hell a lot more sane for me.