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News flash people. Q-scoping WON'T STOP in BO.

Seriously? Why would it stop?
I know they made it so you do have faster ADS w/ sniper rifles but that won't stop it. Why would it?
Maybe you all forgot about the quickscopers in Call of Duty 4. There was no SoH Pro, and still plenty of quickscopers.
All Treyarch has really done is make weed out the little kids who can only quickscope with SoH Pro. But people will still be able to.
And even if they removed cross hairs for sniper rifles that really won't do much. I go quicksoping a LOT (Usually in private matches because in a real game it's impractical) and that's not how I line up a shot. I line it up with the barrel.
And I'll be honest. I'm made that SoH Pro won't work with snipers not for quick scoping but just for sniping in general. I snipe a lot and SoH Pro is one of my favorite for sniping because you can aim fast! If you see a guy in the distance it by the time you get your scope up and fire he might have run off. But with SoH Pro and fast ADS I can at least have a better chance of hitting him. But as i have stated, that will not stop quickscoping!!!!
I don't usual do it in online games but that doesn't mean I can't. I can quickscope in MAG, Battle Field, Medal of Honor, CoD 4, and W@W. And no SoH Pro in those games to make you aim faster. It's only making it too hard for the little kid try hards who always yell at everyone on their mics. But the old-school pros will still have no problem making short work of someone who crosses their field of view.

What I would have preferred Treyarch to do is just take auto-aim/aim assist of sniper rifles. I don't know a whole lot about how the game works (as in the hardware and mechanics) but I do know that the aim-assist is really what makes quickscoping so easy (too easy) it literally bends the paths of the bullet. That's how you drag-scope and 360 quickscope. But I think if they removed aim-assist on sniper rifles (they could remove it all together as far as I care) then I think it would do just an effective job of getting ride of the kids, but people like me who want it not necessarily for quickscoping but for sniping in general would still have it and not feel like Treyarch hates snipers. I'll tell you the truth, right now I really feel like Treyarch hates snipers. I took it as a slap to the face. Why not remove faster ADS for everything? I mean, how is my ADS any worse or any more annoying than someone who rushes? The problem is the auto-aim/aim-assist what ever you want to call it. NOT, the faster ADS.
Thank you for taking you time to read my little thread.