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For the cheapskates and others

There has been commotion about how people without map packs are getting kicked from alot of games because they didnt buy it.  this is also for people who dont want to play map pack maps even though they have it.i have three solutions but i will also write the consequences

1.)have a filter that pairs players together who dont have a certain map pack or even all of them(sometimes you need to redownload a map pack and the game doen't know that.)
2.)since there is probably no room on the disk for it, when the first map pack comes out, have gamemodes that are original maps only(it would be too much to have every map pack game mode so you have to play with original maps even if you have one map pack)
3.)have a search engine type thing like halo where you get to customize who you get paired with(like halo, idk anything wrong but prove me wrong )

The expendables :clan: 
p.s. stop being cheap and actually buy them, they dont cost alot.