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    Doesn't make a difference. Why does Halo have spacemen and dogs as characters? Why does Uncharted 2 make you play as a guy who clearly has no common sense? It usually has to do with SP or the setting of the game. If this was about a war about Canada and UK and it's about the Canadians' experience on it then Canadians will be the friendly force.
    BTW I don't even think that there is an "enemy team" it's just neutral
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    SKILLSnKILLS wrote:


    o m g

    why is there only american forces in mp for friendly forces (that we know of)

    imo, there should be british, and french forces too.

    tryarch patriotism strikes again.

    british duringb the cold war where key.

    we had nukes in germany(incase they invaded them), and around mosco and other major citys around  just incase anythink kicked of.

    and french where in naaam man.


    the SAS when it to nam(bread) under amrican and french forces, but commanded them selves.

    the shear ignorance of other forces during the cold war and viat nam out stands me.


    Well that's the problem see in the last Call of Duty games we normally play as the British a lot. I thought it was time America got its own game lol. Their basing it off the Cold War which normally meanings USA vs The Soviet Union most people who have even heard of it would think that.

    Don't get me wrong the British SAS are B.A. and they did do a lot during the Cold War but this is mostly about intelligence which the SAS weren't designed for (i'm not 100% certain). Although I would love to see what SIS was doing them.

    They also only had American advisors so they probably wanted only reliable info and the American forces probably didn't know what the British were doing.

    Um the French I'm just gonna keep my mouth shut about them though lol
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    lord cheeseballs
    I don't really mind if there are only Americans involved athough I'm SURE there is the SAS (secret air service) as a team.

    Just don't make it like in MoH putting Taliban as the name. people got real angry.
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    Because during the Cold War, the United States and Soviet Union were the two Super Powers of the world.

    For nearly 50 years we fought for advancement over the other side.

    On several different occasions, we came very close to starting nuclear war. Does the Cuban Missile Crisis ring any bells?

    It only makes sense to have a story that revolves around the Americans and Spetsnaz, the two biggest rivals of the century.

    Stop posting topics like this, your threads are stupid. 
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    Brits were not in vietnam.

    French foreign legion were taken out early, thus earlier then storyline.

    Only other allied side to have significant spec/black ops in vietnam was Australia.
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    i think its because you cant spell Forces correctly, just my thought
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    Honestly, I think the main forces should be America's + Russia's, Sure it would be good to see all these extra forces in the multiplayer no harm could be done i suppose, but not in the campaign.
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    Kingy_Tom92 wrote:


    I know it sucks to have only American friendly forces, but tbh the British weren't that involved with Vietnam and the Cold war in general. Neither were the French much involved, they were at the beginning before war broke out in Vietnam, but they withdrew a few years before the war itself began.

    So to have British and French forces wouldn't be very accurate with regards to showing military forces involved.

    As much as it pains me that there are only yanks in BO, we (britain) didn't have much to do in the cold war, gulf war, or vietnam war, mainly because they were pointless wars, no offence to modern day americans, but back then, you started wars just for the hell of it, fact.

    I know this would never happen so don't flame me just for saying this. But it would be really cool if they had like some DLC that adds a whole new section of campaign and multiplayer (like BF or GTA) that is set around the falkland war, with various sas, sbs, green beret, and marine missions.

    Just saying.
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    well it depends who they are following. if it is a single unit, then there is no reason for them to be non american, if it is an american unit. hell, the british soldiers werent even necessary in mw2 since you werent actually working for the UK (although it made turning on shepard make more sense)

    and i am english
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    Your right dude we should add different cultures add the british then we'll have to add french, japan, korea, russia, china, then there gonna have to be more black people cause they'll start crying then we'll have to add females which leads to them crying some more add 1 thing then everyone will start ******** from every culture/race.
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