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    My reason to 'complain' per se is really just a factor of my concern that certain glaring problems may be repeated from past titles. The subtle ones I can forgive; because they can always be patched out and the problem can be completely rectified. But the big amateur mistakes are simply unforgivable. After so many titles and opportunities to refine the gameplay as we know it, having something like commando or OMA will destroy any and all confidence that the game was made to be a genuinely fun experience.
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    cts55555 wrote:


    Vahn's responses are hilarious. 

    They are also REAL responses.  This thread should get a sticky so everybody has an opportunity to come across it EVERY DARN DAY.
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    Vahn is now OFFICIALLY my hero. NICE THREAD
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    get em Vahn!
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    That's why the age limit should be enforced on this site. Make em put in their Credit card number to be on these forums. I hate kids.

    Thanks Vahn
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    GhostSquad wrote:


    DeadlyXSymphony wrote:


    yoka wrote:


    Is it me, or is Vahn becomeing more of a **** to eveyone?

    Being a **** doesn't sell games... or does it :O
    Just an lol, not meant for him obviously. But what I do have to say is that we have given him an amazingly hard time, COD has become the most stressful game to make right. If we weren't dicks to him, he wouldn't reply.

    I think he would reply, he doesn't like the fact that people are being asses to everyone else.

    True. But we can handle ourselves for the most part. I think by now if someones negative we need to be the people saying hey this is wrong, not waiting until Vahn does something about it. But as I have said, words on the internet are always going to be taken the wrong way because we cannot give them emotions.
    If your going to tell someone that they need to cut the negetivity, do so without calling them out though, and if necessary just talk to a mod about it, thats what they are here for.
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    i like his response to the 4th 1 down haha nice one
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    I laughed at some of them.
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    nuckbasty wrote:


    After playing Medal of honor, I will never complain about CoD MP again.


    Just felt the need to quote this again! LOL.


    Vahn, dont be discouraged to come on the forum because of some of these clowns. Believe it or not, taking the REAL constructive criticisms and opinions will only make the game that much greater. One thing I will say to you though: You think THIS community is bad? Were you there during the CharlieOscarDelta.com days when COD4 was bumpin? That place was was a cesspool... It's no wonder they closed it.

    And it's even more useful to the game, not to mention OTHER devs who are reluctant to join the boards and interact with their peoples (I'm looking at YOU, Ubisoft.) Plus It's that much more entertaining for them to be swiftly dealt with in the manner that you did with some of them. It speaks volumes for us, the REAL community vs the asshats that join and flame for the sake of flaming just because it gets them off.

    I did see that some people were complaining about WAR not being a game mode, and I understand why it's not. Obviously War doesn't work in W@W and Black Ops, simply because they are both VERY different types of game functions versus CALL OF DUTY 3. Map size made all the difference. War on Eder Dam, for instance, makes WAY more sense than say.... Roundhouse.. It just doesn't work.