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  • 530. Scrap stopping power and juggernaut

    xXLtStrikeXx wrote:


    What about deleting stopping power and juggernaut? Just sayin' that a lot of people's set up is quite the same; they either most of the time have juggernaut or stopping power.
    Just a thought, voted for the third option btw ;D.

    I Like this idea and was thinking it myself, because everyone uses stopping power because of juggernaut or vise versa.  but if someone is running around with juggernaut ur screwed unless you have stopping power.  I had stopping power on most of my classes because of juggernaut it was annoying because i could rarely use any other 2nd tier perks.

    Just get rid of both of them.  if the gun is useless without stopping power then then raise the guns power in the first place.

    stopping power pro was not very usefull unless u were shooting uav's.

    Have fmj as a gun's equipment unlockable which cannot raise guns damage but be able to shoot through thin walls.
  • 531. Re: Perks, min. number requirement?
    I like the perks in BO, can't wait
  • 532. Re: Perks, min. number requirement?
    LT. Nixon
    I like them too, but I loved double tap 'cause it was fun, and stopping power will be missed.
  • 533. Re: Perks, min. number requirement?
    Sit Rep - his function is very restrict to small maps, protect determined area in HQ or CF. Must to be cutting off.
    Cold Blooded is amazing perk. Must to be reply in Black Ops
  • 534. Re: Perks, min. number requirement?
    BO perks look really really nice
  • 535. Re: Perks, min. number requirement?
    Except 2nd chance, which should have disappeared up it's own arse with martyrdom.
  • 536. Re: Perks, min. number requirement?

    stamatis500 wrote:


    i found a simple answer to all your questions about perks. remove them all and you get CoD2
    or just put a game mode that will be NO PERKS ALOWED

    I think the wager matches don't have perks
  • 537. Re: Perks, min. number requirement?
    no one man army
  • 538. Re: Perks, min. number requirement?
      Yeah, you are about 3 months late with this too....
  • 539. Re: Perks, min. number requirement?


    Perks or death streaks that modify: health/damage




    All the perks that are currently in the series (apart from perk excluded by other sections)




    Non lethal death streaks

    New perks were possible

    System which discounts spawn deaths (only for the person who is killed, not the killer)

    More player control over kill-streaks

    More verity in A.I streaks

    Flare controls

    Spawn protection (which disable once the player locks on to an enemy kill-streak)




    Lethal death streaks

    Lethal support streaks


    Screw actual listing every thing I want out and or in; anything that falls under all these category's sums up what I want, remembering of course that I've outlined the exceptions by listing them as do not or remove.

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